Saturday, January 14, 2017

Essential Community Medicine: Including relevant social services

This basic textbook of Community Medicine, which includes descriptions of the related social ~ervices, is intended for a wide range of readers who require knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of the subject. These include undergraduate medical students and qualified doctors who are engaged in postgraduate courses of study or training schemes, particularly those in community medicine and general practice. When writing this book we also had in mi nd the needs of students of nursing at all levels at a time when an increasing emphasis on the community is being reflected in the content of curricula and the composition of examination papers. It is our view that this account of community medicine will also be of value to established practitioners -community physicians, community health doctors, senior nurses and health visitors - who wish to con­ solidate or update their knowledge. The growing involvement of the professions in the management and planning of health services means that many general practitioners, hospital doctors and nurses are being called upon to take a population perspective and to become acquainted with many of the concepts and issues discussed in this book. In addition, there are those professionals who work closely with medicine and nursing and have a common concern in providing care and promoting prevention -groups such as social workers and health education personnel. For all these reasons we would ho pe that many groups might read the book and find it useful.
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-ix
Health data and their sources....Pages 1-60
Patterns of disease....Pages 61-112
Origin of diseases and their prevention....Pages 113-164
The National Health Service and social services....Pages 165-236
Physically handicapped persons....Pages 237-270
Mothers and children....Pages 271-351
Mentally disordered people....Pages 353-422
Elderly people....Pages 423-465
Communicable diseases and parasites....Pages 467-535
Environmental health....Pages 537-580
Back Matter....Pages 581-595

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