Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynecology 2022


Aesthetic or cosmetic gynecology is a rapidly expanding and much in demand field worldwide. This book covers all aspects of cosmetic gynecology in great details and interdisciplinary fields. It provides information and practical tips on the new evolving and fast growing branch of aesthetic and regenerative gynecology. The book covers basics along with illustrations, practical tips and troubleshooting points. 
Chapters include anatomy, physiology, pathology and comprehensive management of diseases in relation to cosmetic gynecology. The book explains the basics of techniques and devices used in this field such as several energy based and high tech devices like lasers, Hifu, HIFEM, their safety profile, scope and uses in an easy to understand language supported by illustrations. It also covers complications, controversies and medicolegal issues surrounding this field. The book includes chapters from national and international experts of each technique and helps in systematic evidence based learning.
The book serves as a comprehensive book for postgraduates and consultants in gynecology, plastic surgery, dermatology, urogynecology, vascular surgery, general surgery, for cosmetologists and those interested in regenerative sciences.