Gray's Basic Anatomy 3rd 2022


Developed based on feedback from students and faculty around the world, Grey's Basic Anatomy is a concise, easy-to-read text renowned for its usefulness and clarity, relevant and accurate content, and focus. Powerful clinical entry and online interactive features. Perfect for readers who need an efficient, high-performance anatomy text, fully updated 3rd edition covers key anatomy concepts students need to know, all beautifully illustrated. with colorful illustrations. Using a step-by-step and accessible approach, it provides a practical foundation of anatomical knowledge quickly and with great ease.
Provides an easy-to-read, concise, and comprehensive anatomy coverage with practical illustrations and helpful clinical examples that reflect people of color.

Anatomy integration with current imaging modes, clinical materials and surface anatomy.

Includes a conceptual overview in each chapter intended to introduce the reader to the basic concepts of that area―now supplemented with additional simplified diagrams for the main structures.

Incorporating great illustrations including selected views of Gray's larger text family.

Contains an updated classification of cranial nerves and a new reference to the central nervous system-related lymphatic system.