Infusions PRO – Infusion Calculator 2.0 Apk Unlocked Mod latest


Infusions PRO – Infusion Calculator is a Medical android app made by MOANESS that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !

The most Perfect drug infusion calculator is now available. This app is simply a must have for every nurse, physician, paramedic or any health professional.
Main features :
✔ Easily calculate any drug dosage within few seconds.
✔ Calculate dosage based on Ideal Body Weight or Actual Body Weight.
✔ Calculate infusion rate and drops rate.
✔ Calculate dose based on infusion rate.
✔ Insert the target final concentration to calculate the required dilution.
✔ Interactive drops rate syncing tool.
✔ Add your custom drugs with custom strength, dilution, dosages .. etc.
✔ Edit any custom made or ready-made drug.
✔ Add custom drugs notes.
✔ Create your own drugs lists (Aka Collections)
✔ Backup custom lists.
✔ Share lists with work colleagues.
✔ Search drugs list by Generic or Trade names.