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To guide you in identifying and treating common disorders, delhi society for promotion of rational use of drugs (dsprud) and wolters kluwer health have published this fourth edition of standard treatment guidelines. A practical book on managing the patient. This book offers expert information you can use immediately in your clinical practice. A busy clinician can thus make an informed, effective patient management decision for different levels of healthcare, from primary healthcare to detailed protocols for tertiary care healthcare. Features: clinically oriented text covering more than 330 priority diseases in 11 specialties, focusing on clinical manifestations, patient management and patient education. Many more priority diseases have been added, besides substantive revision reflecting therapeutic advances.a large number of experts have contributed in this book to help solve the problems you encounter in everyday practice.the book is user friendly and provides stepwise up-to-date treatment approach for busy practitioners as well as interns and residents, leaving more time to establish accurate diagnosis and communication with the patient. Table of contents: common diseases emergencies cardiovascular diseases blood diseases respiratory diseases gastrointestinal diseases infections-bacterial, viral and opportunistic parasitic infections central nervous system diseases genitourinary diseases hormonal disorders ent diseases eye diseases skin diseases obstetrics and gynaecology psychiatric conditions bone and joint diseases surgery paediatric conditions dental conditions

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