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Peripheral vascular disease is common and has a significant adverse effect on the quality of life. A general practice with a list size of 6000 patients will have approximately 30 symptomatic patients with peripheral vascular disease' - Anita Sharma Peripheral vascular disease is a commonly neglected condition and therefore often presents in an advanced stage or in a life-threatening manner. General practitioners can play a vital role by making early diagnoses, prompt referrals, and in coordinating vascular risk factor management in primary care. This book is a concise and practical guide to recognising, managing and reducing the cardiovascular risk factors in patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Completely up-to-date, it offers clear direction for all primary care professionals. 'A pleasure for any busy professional to read and an excellent source and reference book for all primary care professionals. Students, nurses and registrars will be surprised with the descriptions of various pathologies simply explained, which they will seldom have noticed while working on hospital wards.' Dr Michael Taylor, in his Foreword 'A welcome source of knowledge and information, particularly for those working in the primary care setting with the aim of improving their standards of care.' - Dr Deepak Bhatnagar, in his Foreword 'Anita Sharma is an experienced, practising GP whose book on PVD offers new insights for primary care professionals and is a generous contribution to the work of primary care practitioners everywhere.' - Gail Richards, in her Foreword

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