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Table of contents :
Content: Central and peripheral modulators of appetite and satiety / Gabrielle Page-Wilson, Sam Dagogo-Jack --
Genetic determinants of nutrient processing / Nicholette Allred --
The enteroinsular axis --
contribution to obesity-diabetes and its treatments / Varun Pathak, Nigel Irwin, Peter Flatt --
Metabolic syndrome : recognition, etiology and physical fitness as a component / Robert McGarrah III and William E. Kraus --
Fat distribution and diabetes / Michael D Jensen --
Combined effect of diet and physical activity in the management of obesity / Gary Miller --
Pharmacological treatment of obesity / Ayotunde Dokun --
Role of gut microbiota in the pathogenesis and treatment of obesity / Stephen J Walker and Puja B Patel --
Bariatric surgery for obesity / Adolfo Fernandez --
Postoperative management of the bariatric-surgery patient / Gary Miller --
Economic burden of diabetes and its complications / William F. Kendall, Jr --
Nutrient interactions and glucose homeostasis / Emmanuel C. Opara --
Pathophysiology and approach to management of type 2 diabetes / Wanda Lakey & Mark N. Feinglos --
Type 2 diabetes in childhood : diagnosis, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment / Robert Benjamin and Michael Freemark --
The contribution of iron and transition metal micronutrients to diabetes and metabolic disease / Donald A McClain --
Role of microbiota in the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes / Stephen J Walker Shaun P Deveshwar --
Achieving a healthy body weight in later life : interventions to reduce type 2 diabetes risk / Connie W. Bales --
Primary prevention of type 2 diabetes : from research to community / Natascha Thompson, MD, Sam Dagogo-Jack --
Management of diabetes mellitus in Sub-Saharan Africa : focus on Nigeria / Olufemi Fasanmade --
Diabetes in pregnancy / Jacques Samson --
Pathophysiology and management of type 1 diabetes : rational design of insulin therapy / Steven Edelman --
Automated detection of meals from glucose measurements for use in artificial pancreas systems / Ali Cinar --
Oxidative stress and the effects of dietary supplements on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes / Emmanuel C. Opara --
Management of diabetic gastroparesis / Kenneth Koch & Khalil Bitar.

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