Thursday, September 06, 2018

The Art and Science of Personalising Care with Older People with Diabetes 2018

This unique book is intended for all health professionals caring for older people with diabetessuch as specialist and general nurses, doctors, primary care practioners and dieteticians. Although there is an increasing body of work about personalised care, no publications were identified that encompass the focus and scope of the proposed book. The global population is ageing and increasing age is a key risk factor for diabetes. Older people with diabetes are often vulnerable, have complex care needs and often have cognitive changes, which makes personalising care challenging for health professionals. Thus, this is an internationally relevant book filling a gap in the current literature.

This is a practical and updated book that will use an engaging and easy to read narrative style. It challenges readers to reflect in and on their practice. It encompasses people with diabetes’ and authors’ stories, which are known to have a special interest to readers, make it easier to apply the information to practice, enhance learning, and hence the relevance and value of the book.

It is relevant to advocacy organisations as well as managers and service planners. Researchers and scientists may find relevant information on grant and ethics applications, research protocols, plain language statements for potential participants and operationalising research protocols.

Table of contents : Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Overview of Older People, Ageing and Diabetes, the Disease (Trisha Dunning)....Pages 1-28
The Art of Shared Decision-Making and Personalising Care with Older People with Diabetes (Trisha Dunning)....Pages 29-45
Health Professionals: What Do They Need to Cogenerate Holistic Personalised Care? (Trisha Dunning, Mark Kennedy)....Pages 47-65
From Research to Evidence to Context: Implementing and Using Guidelines as Decision Aids to Personalise Care (Trisha Dunning)....Pages 67-79
Nutrition and Exercise: A Personalised Approach (Sital Harris)....Pages 81-98
Medicines and Older People with Diabetes: Beliefs, Benefits and Risks (Trisha Dunning)....Pages 99-120
Older People with Diabetes and Life Transitions (Bodil Rasmussen)....Pages 121-136
Personalising Care with Older People Who Have Cognitive Changes or Dementia (Kirsten James, Trisha Dunning)....Pages 137-156
The Art of Using Technology to Personalise Care with Older People with Diabetes (Natalie Wischer, Leanne Mullan)....Pages 157-173
Personalised Care and Research (David Strain)....Pages 175-186
Back Matter ....Pages 187-187