Download Sports-Related Concussion: Diagnosis and Management, Second Edition 2018 Free PDF

This new edition reflects the explosion of knowledge in basic science and clinical care for athletes with mild traumatic brain injury or

concussion. Interest in management and methodology for making diagnoses and improving the clinical outcomes have changed

dramatically. All U.S. states have laws dictating how sports concussion patients are cared for and require return to play decisions be

coordinated with best practice methods. Epidemiology, classification, and biology of sports concussion, as well as, brain imaging,

assessment tests, neuropsychological measures, and management strategies are covered. Illustrative clinical cases, correlative

examples, and historical insights are featured.

Table of contents : Content: An introduction to sports related concussion --
The biomechanics and pathophysiology of concussion --
Acute assessment, diagnosis, and management of the concussed athlete --
Severe and catostrophic head injuries that can occur in sports --
Postconcussive syndrome --
Outpatient care of the concussed athlete : gauging recovery to tailor rehabilitative needs / with Elizabeth M. Pieroth --
Return to activity following concussion --
Neuroimaging in concussion / with Matthew T. Walker and Monther Qandeel --
The advent of subconcussive/repetative concussive injury and chronic traumatic encephalopathy / with John Lee --

Promising advances in concussion diagnosis and treatment.