Friday, November 09, 2018

Pre-Clinical Medicine: Saqs, McQs and Emqs 2018

Filling a gap for a pre-clinical phase revision guide, this book will help medics pass their intermediate exams in order to proceed to the clinical years. It is based on the SAQs, EMQs and MCQ school curriculum as set out by the GMC. By covering each module individually but also integrating other disciplines of medicine into the questions, it helps students to think laterally as well as thoroughly revising each module. With a minimum of 4 SAQs, 7 MCQs and 3 EMQs in each chapter, this book offers comprehensive revision practice as well as providing all the answers with clear explanations.

Table of contents : Content: Cellular structure & function --
Body tissues --
Metabolism --
Membranes & receptors --
Mechanism of pathology --
Infection & immunity --
Gastrointestinal system --
Cardiovascular system --
Respiratory system --
Urinary system --
Musculoskeletal system --
Reproductive system --
Nervous system --
Head & neck --
Clinical pharmacology --
Society & medicine.