Pediatric Lens Diseases


This book focuses on disorders of the lens, which are a major cause of blindness in children. During development, children’s eyes have unique physiological and structural characteristics, such as an immature blood-aqueous barrier, which presents considerable challenges for ophthalmologists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric lens disorders. Throughout the book, the pathology, examination, anesthesia, surgical treatment and nursing care of pediatric lens disorders are discussed in detail. It not only presents diverse pictures and images from clinical practice, it also includes the latest findings in the field. It will be of interest to ophthalmologists and paediatricians looking to improve the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric lens disorders and provide a valuable reference resource for all those involved in ophthalmic clinical practice, teaching and research.

Table of contents : Front Matter....Pages i-xii
Embryonic Development of the Human Lens....Pages 1-9
Human Visual Development....Pages 11-20
Anatomy and Physiology of the Crystalline Lens....Pages 21-28
Etiology of Pediatric Lens Diseases....Pages 29-54
Epidemiology of Pediatric Cataracts....Pages 55-67
Classification and Morphology of Pediatric Cataracts....Pages 69-84
Overview of Pediatric Cataract Treatments....Pages 85-99
History Taking and Specialized Examination of Lens Diseases in Children....Pages 101-119
Perioperative Challenges and Solutions in the Management of Children with Cataracts....Pages 121-127
General Anesthesia in Pediatric Lens Surgery....Pages 129-143
Care of Pediatric Lens Surgery....Pages 145-152
Pediatric Cataract Extraction....Pages 153-176
Calculation and Selection of Intraocular Lens Power for Children....Pages 177-185
Selection of Intraocular Lenses for Children....Pages 187-191
Pediatric Intraocular Lens Implantation....Pages 193-208
Cataract Surgery in Children with Anomalies of the Uvea....Pages 209-222
Ectopia Lentis in Children....Pages 223-246
Cataract Surgery in Children with Preexisting Posterior Capsular Defects....Pages 247-254
Surgery of Congenital Cataracts Associated with Persistent Fetal Vasculature....Pages 255-269
Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Microphthalmic Eyes....Pages 271-277
Lens Trauma in Children....Pages 279-293
Intraoperative Complications and Management....Pages 295-307
Postoperative Complications and Management....Pages 309-328
Prevention and Management of Pediatric Secondary Cataracts....Pages 329-336
Reposition, Explantation, and Exchange of Intraocular Lenses....Pages 337-352
Postoperative Visual Rehabilitation in Children with Lens Diseases....Pages 353-369
Quality of Life Assessment in Children with Lens Anomalies....Pages 371-378
Back Matter....Pages 379-381


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