Friday, September 07, 2018

Interventional Nephrology: Principles and Practice

Interventional Nephrology: Principles and Practice describes a very direct approach to clinical problems encountered by the community of care providers who treat chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients. Practical scenarios faced on a day-to-day basis are presented by experts in the field utilizing the latest scientific information. In addition to internal medicine residents, nephrology fellows and practitioners, this comprehensive and useful resource is a must-have for the allied health professionals taking care of patients with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis access problems.

Table of contents : Front Matter....Pages i-x
Preoperative Evaluation: History....Pages 1-6
Preoperative Evaluation: Physical Examination....Pages 7-13
Admission After Intervention: When and Why....Pages 15-19
Communicating Effectively for Interventional Nephrologists....Pages 21-27
Anticoagulants and Thrombolytics....Pages 29-34
Noninvasive Screening and Testing for PAD in CKD Patients....Pages 35-40
Overview of PAD Treatment in the CKD Population: Indications, Medical Strategies, and Endovascular Techniques....Pages 41-47
Unconventional Venous Access: Percutaneous Translumbar and Transhepatic Venous Access for Hemodialysis....Pages 49-55
Approach to a Nonfunctioning Catheter....Pages 57-63
Approach to the Infected Catheter....Pages 65-73
Approach to Patient Referred for Vascular Mapping....Pages 75-81
Approach to Arteriovenous Access....Pages 83-91
Approach to a Patient with Non-maturing AV Fistula....Pages 93-99
Approach to an Arteriovenous Access with Hyperpulsatile Pulse....Pages 101-104
Approach to an Arteriovenous Access with a Faint Thrill....Pages 105-109
Approach to an Arteriovenous Access with No Thrill, Bruit, or Pulse....Pages 111-118
Approach to Patient with Arteriovenous Access Presenting with Hand Pain....Pages 119-130
Central Vein Stenosis....Pages 131-142
Approach to a Patient with Pseudoaneurysm....Pages 143-150
Approach to Chest Pain During Dialysis....Pages 151-158
Approach to Cyanotic Digits and Hand Paresis....Pages 159-161
Approach to an Abnormal Surveillance Measurement....Pages 163-167
Arterial Stenosis Affecting Arteriovenous Fistulae and Grafts in Hemodialysis Patients: Approach to Diagnosis and Management....Pages 169-177
Approach to the Patient with Suspected Renal Artery Stenosis....Pages 179-184
Vascular Injury During Interventions....Pages 185-193
Pulmonary Embolism Associated with Dialysis Access Procedure....Pages 195-211
Stent Migration....Pages 213-215
Foreign Body Retrieval....Pages 217-221
Contrast and Medication Allergic Reactions....Pages 223-235
The Management of Serious Adverse Events Associated with Interventional Procedures....Pages 237-279
Preoperative Evaluation of a Patient for Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter....Pages 281-291
Operative Considerations for Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter....Pages 293-317
Approach to a Patient with Visceral Perforation....Pages 319-320
Back Matter....Pages 321-330