Friday, September 07, 2018

Imaging Acute Abdomen in Children 2018

This book aims to equip readers with a sound understanding of the imaging strategies that are appropriate in children with acute abdominal conditions. The starting points are the clinical conditions, which are outlined in an introduction presented by pediatrician experts in emergency medicine, and the age groups, with differentiation of children and infants from neonates. The various conditions and their frequency are documented in detail, with clear description and illustration of the presentations on different imaging modalities. A large majority of the included images are from recent examinations and have been obtained using the most up-to-date techniques. The therapeutic impact of imaging is also explained, and the coverage is completed with helpful decision trees and tables of differential diagnosis. At the end of each chapter a concise resume underlines the main points. Imaging Acute Abdomen in Children will be of value for pediatric and general radiologists, radiologists in training, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, emergency pediatricians,and others with an interest in the subject.

Table of contents : Front Matter ....Pages i-vii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Paediatric Emergencies: What Is It about? What Approach? (François Dubos)....Pages 3-7
Surgical Pediatric Imaging: What is It About? What Approach? (Rony Sfeir)....Pages 9-11
Imaging and Emergency: What Modalities? What Strategies? (Philippe Petit, Fred E. Avni)....Pages 13-15
Front Matter ....Pages 17-17
Abdominal Complications in the Premature Infant (Fred E. Avni, Annie Lahoche, Laurent Storme, Veronica Donoghue)....Pages 19-33
Front Matter ....Pages 35-35
Abdominal Neonatal Emergencies Considering Prenatal Diagnosis (Marie Cassart, Fred E. Avni)....Pages 37-63
(Acute) Renal Failure in the Full Term Neonate (Fred E. Avni, Annie Lahoche)....Pages 65-75
Acute Presentation of Anomalies of the Digestive Tract During the Neonatal Period (Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger, Rony Sfeir, Veronica Donoghue, Fred E. Avni)....Pages 77-87
Obstructive Cholestasis and Acute Hepatobiliary Diseases in the Neonate (Stéphanie Franchi-Abella, Danièle Pariente)....Pages 89-101
Front Matter ....Pages 103-103
Acute and Subacute Intestinal Obstructions (Eléonore Blondiaux, Winnie Mar)....Pages 105-127
Appendicitis (Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit)....Pages 129-141
Meckel’s Diverticulum (Brigitte Bourlière, Philippe Petit)....Pages 143-148
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Nathalie Colavolpe, Stuart Taylor, Philippe Petit)....Pages 149-165
Acute Intestinal Intussusception (Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit)....Pages 167-177
Diseases of the Peritoneum, Mesentery, and Omentum (Fred E. Avni, Paul Humphries)....Pages 179-196
Acute Hepato-Biliary Diseases in Children (Stéphanie Franchi-Abella, Danièle Pariente)....Pages 197-217
Acute Pancreatitis (AP) (Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit)....Pages 219-230
Acute Presentations of Splenic Diseases (Fred E. Avni, Catherine M. Owens)....Pages 231-238
Front Matter ....Pages 239-239
Urinary Tract Infection (Pierre-Hugues Vivier, Adnan Hassani)....Pages 241-255
Imaging Urolithiasis and Their Complications (Fred E. Avni, R.-H. Priso, Robert Novo)....Pages 257-265
Acute Urinary Tract Obstruction and Urological Emergencies (Fred E. Avni, René-Hilaire Priso)....Pages 267-275
Acute Renal Failure in Children (Fred E. Avni, Annie Lahoche)....Pages 277-286
Complicated Urachal Remnants (Fred E. Avni)....Pages 287-292
Complications of Renal Graft (Audrey Aschero, Philippe Petit)....Pages 293-299
Imaging Emergency Pelvic Diseases in Girls (Pauline Verpillat, Jean-François Chateil, Chantal Durand, Fred E. Avni)....Pages 301-324
Front Matter ....Pages 325-325
Abdominal Trauma (Kathia Chaumoitre, Philippe Petit)....Pages 327-344
Foreign Bodies (Alexia Dabadie, Philippe Petit)....Pages 345-352
Acute Abdominal Presentations of Neoplasia and Malignant Hemopathies (Anne M. J. B. Smets, Nathalie Rocourt, Eline E. Deurloo, Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger)....Pages 353-369
Acute (Abdominal) Presentations of Non-malignant Hemopathies (Elisa Amzallag-Bellenger, Anne Smets, Fred E. Avni)....Pages 371-374
Acute Abdominal Presentation of Systemic Diseases and Vasculitis (Catherine Desvignes, Philippe Petit)....Pages 375-380
At the Boundaries of the Abdominal Cavity (Fred E. Avni, Nathalie Boutry, Philippe Petit)....Pages 381-387