Thursday, September 06, 2018

Essential Learning for the Internal Medicine Clerkship 2016

A new way to excel on the Internal Medicine Clerkship from Conrad Fischer! Top Shelf: Essential Learning for the Internal Medicine Clerkship uses Conrad Fischer’s unique method of distilling complex concepts into accessible, high-yield narrative to maximize your retention and boost your performance on the clerkship and shelf exam. Fischer doesn’t just give you what you need to “get by” -- he helps you really understand the practice of internal medicine -- so you can provide outstanding patient care and ace the shelf exam. This unique work encapsulates Conrad Fischer’s more than twenty years’ board review classroom experience into one score-boosting, memory-enhancing text. · Numerous clinical images and tables aid retention · Sidebars summarize key points for easy review · Tips provide focused learning and highlight incorrect answer choices to prevent them from being repeated on exams or during rounds