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Table of contents : Content: List of Contributors vii Introduction xiii 1 Central Nervous System Manifestations of Chromosomal Change 1Joseph R. Siebert 2 Neural Tube Defects 13Andrew J. Copp and Brian N. Harding 3 Midline Patterning Defects 29Edwin S. Monuki and Jeffrey A. Golden 4 Microcephaly 41Sandrine Passemard Annie Laquerri`ere Nathalie Journiac and Pierre Gressens 5 Hemimegalencephaly and Dysplastic Megalencephaly 55Ghayda Mirzaa Achira RoyWilliam B. Dobyns Kathleen Millen and Robert F. Hevner 6 LissencephalyTypeI 63Jeffrey A. Golden 7 Lissencephaly Type II (Cobblestone Lissencephaly) 75Jeffrey A. Golden 8 Polymicrogyria 85Jeffrey A. Golden 9 Cerebral Heterotopia 91Edwin S. Monuki and Keith L. Ligon 10 Hippocampal Sclerosis Granule Cell Dispersion and Cortical Dysplasia 101Maria Thom 11 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 117Shino D. Magaki andHarry V. Vinters 12 Chiari Malformations 133Homa Adle-Biassette and Jeffrey A. Golden 13 Dandy Walker Malformation Mega Cisterna Magna and Blake s Pouch Cyst 141 Robert F. Hevner Kathleen Millen and William B. Dobyns 14 Joubert Syndrome 151Robert F. Hevner, William B. Dobyns and Enza Maria Valente 15 Cerebellar Heterotopia and Dysplasia 159Marie Rivera-Zengotita and Anthony T. Yachnis 16 Brainstem Malformations 167Brian N. Harding 17 Spinal Cord Lesions 179Annie Laquerri`ere and Florent Marguet 18 Hydrocephalus 187Homa Adle-Biassette 19 Antenatal Disruptive Lesions 199Brian N. Harding 20 Hemorrhagic Lesions 203Marc R. Del Bigio 21 White Matter Lesions in the Perinatal Period 213Robin L. Haynes and Rebecca D. Folkerth 22 Gray Matter Lesions 229Marc R. Del Bigio 23 Pediatric Head Injury 241Colin Smith, Thomas S. Jacques and R. Ross Reichard 24 Pediatric Vascular Malformations 251Shino D. Magaki, Randy Tashjian and Harry V. Vinters 25 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 269Hannah C. Kinney, Marco M. Hefti, Richard D. Goldstein, and Robin L. Haynes 26 Kernicterus 281Mariarita Santi and Lucy B. Rorke 27 Lesions Induced by Toxins 285Mariarita Santi, Lucy B. Rorke, and Catherine Keohane 28 Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism 293Josefine Radke, Carsten G. Bonnemann, Werner Stenzel, and Hans-H. Goebel 29 Sphingolipidoses and Related Disorders 313Annie Laquerri`ere, Soumeya Bekri, Kinoko Suzuki, and Brian N. Harding 30 The Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses 369Josefine Radke, Krystina E.Wisniewski, Werner Stenzel and Hans-H. Goebel 31 Peroxisomal Disorders 381Phyllis L. Faust 32 Mitochondrial Disorders 393Anders Oldfors and Brian N. Harding 33 Disorders of Amino Acid Metabolism and Canavan Disease 403Dimitri P. Agamanolis 34 Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease 417Brian N. Harding 35 Cockayne Syndrome 427Karen M.Weidenheim and P. J. Brooks 36 VanishingWhite Matter Disease 437Marianna Bugiani, James M. Powers, and Marjo S. van der Knaap 37 Alexander Disease 447James E. Goldman and Mel B. Feany 38 Neuroaxonal Dystrophy/Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation 455Abi Li SarahWiethoff, Charles Arber, Henry Houlden, Tamas Revesz, and Janice L. Holton 39 Spinal Muscular Atrophy 469Brian N. Harding 40 Autism Spectrum Disorders 477Matthew P. Anderson 41 Intrauterine Infections 497Catherine Keohane and Homa Adle-Biassette 42 Perinatal and Postnatal Infections 511Catherine Keohane 43 Rasmussen Encephalitis 531Harry V. Vinters, Shino D.Magaki. and Geoffrey C. Owens Index 537