Monday, September 10, 2018

Cardiac Emergencies in Children 2018

This book is primarily for pediatric and adult emergency room physicians, primary care providers, hospitalists, and nurses. It will also be useful for critical care specialists, cardiologists and trainees at all levels.
Cardiac Emergencies in Children describes the pathophysiology of a diverse group of congenital and acquired heart conditions and presents a therapeutic rationale for treating children presenting with these conditions under life-threatening conditions. The book discusses the effects of surgery on hemodynamics and how to manage these effects. Also described are the daily challenges faced by physicians, including identifying a child with heart disease, interpreting chest radiographs, ECGs, and laboratory findings, and beginning appropriate therapies.

Table of contents : Front Matter ....Pages i-xvi
Emergency Presentation of Heart Disease (Syana Sarnaik, Katherine Cashen, Ashok P. Sarnaik)....Pages 1-15
Recognizing, Stabilizing, and Managing Children with Heart Failure in the Emergency Department and Other Acute Care Settings (Matthew J. O’Connor, Robert E. Shaddy, Robert D. Ross)....Pages 17-32
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (Monika Chauhan, Susan Tourner, Christopher W. Mastropietro)....Pages 33-49
Functionally Univentricular Heart with Right Heart Hypoplasia (Tricuspid Atresia with Normally Related Great Arteries and Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum) (James M. Galas, Deemah R. Mahadin, Ralph E. Delius)....Pages 51-82
Common Surgical Interventions Resulting in Alterations in Hemodynamics (Kristen Richards, Monika Chauhan, Ralph E. Delius)....Pages 83-94
Management of a Patient with Left-to-Right Shunt (Christian Bauerfeld, Ashok P. Sarnaik, Kathleen Meert)....Pages 95-108
Cardiac Pharmacology (Jeff Clark, Brad Tilford)....Pages 109-129
Arrhythmia Identification: Stabilization and Treatment (Raya Safa, Chenni Sriram, Peter P. Karpawich)....Pages 131-160
Hypercyanotic Spells (Tageldin Ahmed, Yamuna Sanil, Sabrina M. Heidemann)....Pages 161-168
Radiographic Evaluation of the Child with Heart Disease (Aparna Joshi)....Pages 169-187
Child with Heart Transplant: Unique Immunologic and Hemodynamic Issues and Their Management (Neha Bansal, Swati Sehgal, Celeste T. Williams)....Pages 189-200
Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support (Katherine Cashen, Swati Sehgal, Henry L. Walters III)....Pages 201-218
Recognition, Stabilization, and Management of Children with Pulmonary Hypertension in the Emergency Department (Robert D. Ross, Patrick Hines)....Pages 219-234
Emergency Interventional Cardiology in Children (Daisuke Kobayashi, Daniel R. Turner, Thomas J. Forbes)....Pages 235-251
Common Problems in the Emergency Department in a Child with Known Heart Disease (Syana Sarnaik, Nirupama Kannikeswaran, Prashant Mahajan, Ashok P. Sarnaik)....Pages 253-266
Recognizing and Managing Cardiogenic Shock (Saurabh Chiwane, Usha Sethuraman, Ajit Sarnaik)....Pages 267-283
Point-of-Care Cardiac Ultrasound in the Emergency Department (Yamuna Sanil, Marjorie Gayanilo, Curt Stankovic)....Pages 285-301
Infective Endocarditis (Harbir Arora, Eric McGrath, Basim I. Asmar)....Pages 303-314
Inflammatory Heart Diseases in Children (Adam L. Ware, Dongngan T. Truong, Lloyd Y. Tani)....Pages 315-336
Cardiac Emergencies in Countries with Limited Resources (Manish Chokhandre, Rekha Solomon, Swati Garekar)....Pages 337-367
Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Chest Pain, Syncope, and Murmur in the Emergency Department (Shahnawaz M. Amdani, Robert D. Ross)....Pages 369-382
Back Matter ....Pages 383-394