Monday, September 10, 2018

Behind the Consultation: Reflective Stories from Clinical Practice 2016

This work includes Forewords by Benyamin Maoz and John Salinsky, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Faculty for Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel; General Practitioner, Course Organiser and Author, London. 'Two very close friends - a clinical psychologist and a family physician, decide to correspond quite spontaneously with one another via email, each from his vantage point in the therapeutic realm. The work of clinicians in most areas of the health field is stressful and overwhelming and often very lonely. These factors encouraged us to negotiate some very intimate professional moments with one another, each of us reflecting, from his unique perspective, on the dilemmas, doubts, struggles, and rewards of treating our patients...' This book offers insights into the emotional, professional and personal lives of two clinicians. The enlightening stories bring consultations to life, and explore ideas of knowledge, communication, healing and the true meaning of care. Each case offers a glimpse of everyday patients, pressures and lessons. "Behind the Consultation" is ideal for all health and social care professionals. Academics and educators with an interest in medical humanities will also find it invaluable. 'This is not a systematic teaching book of therapeutic skills or methods, but it is a treasury of stories that lead the reader to look into the world of emotions, dilemmas and open questions. Those who would like to learn more of what happens once the door is closed and therapist and patient meet, will benefit from these fascinating stories and later use them in their own personal or professional life. Reading this book of human interactions is, in itself, a process of learning through experience, an enrichment of ones own personality.' - Benyamin Maoz, in the Foreword