Monday, August 06, 2018

Synopsis of sleep medicine 2016

Here is a unique resource that provides a comprehensive and highly readable summary of the basic concepts and clinical applications in sleep medicine, written for all professionals involved in health care. Sleep medicine encompasses an unusually board spectrum of contributions from biology, technology, and medicine. This volume summarizes the considerable mass of knowledge that has been accumulated in the field and imparts its major findings in a manner that is comprehensive yet not overwhelming. Edited by an eminent sleep researcher and with contributions from leading experts in the field, the volume provides a basic grounding in sleep medicine and covers the fascinating complexity of the field. It separates figure from ground for those who are newcomers to the field and who are seeking guideposts for further research. Sleep problems are frequently co-morbid with other medical conditions, and clinicians need to be alert to this interconnectedness and to recognize which difficulties are primary and which are not. Synoposis of Sleep Medicine will be a valuable tool for clinicians in many specialties for addressing diagnostic problems in sleep medicine. The volume is the first of its kind, rich yet comprehensive and focused and one that is sure to meet the needs of both basic and clinical research for some years to come.

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1. Neuroanatomy and Neuropharmacology of Sleep and Wakefulness
2. Neuroendocrinology of Sleep and Wakefulness
3. Neuroimmune Aspects of Sleep and Wakefulness
4. Epidemiology of Sleep Disorders
5. Current Classifications of Sleep Disorders
6. The Clinical Approach to the Patient with Sleep Disorders
7. Melatonin Signaling as a Link between Sleep and Circadian Biology: Practical Implications
8. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders 9. Pharmacological Management of Insomnia10. Non-Pharmacological Management of Insomnia
11. Sleep and Its Disorders in Women
12. Sleep and Anxiety Disorders
13. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in Adults
14. Surgical Options for Sleep Apnea
15. Sleep and Chronic Kidney Disease
16. Sleep Disorders in Parkinson's disease and Dementia
17. Narcolepsy
18. Fatigue Management
19. Forensic and Legal Aspects of Sleep Medicine
20. Sleep and Dermatology
21. Asthma and Sleep
22. Sensory Processing In Sleep: An Approach from Animal to Human Data 23. Synopsis of Sleep in Infants, Children, and Adolescents24. Sleep in the Elderly: Normal and Abnormal
25. Polysomnography I: Procedure and Technology
26. Polysomnography II: Scoring