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Get all the information you need to confidently manage dysphagia in professional practice with Dysphagia: Clinical Management in Adults and Children, 2nd Edition! This logically organized, evidence-based resource reflects the latest advancements in dysphagia in an approachable and user-friendly manner to help you master the clinical evaluation and diagnostic decision-making processes. New coverage of the latest insights and research along with expanded information on infant and child swallowing will help prepare you for the conditions you’ll face in the clinical setting. Plus, the realistic case scenarios and detailed review questions threaded throughout the book will help you develop the clinical reasoning skills needed for professional success.

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Front Matter,Copyright,Contributors,Dedication,PrefaceEntitled to full textPart I: FoundationsChapter 1 - Dysphagia Unplugged, Pages 1-18
Chapter 2 - Normal Swallowing in Adults, Pages 19-40
Chapter 3 - Adult Neurologic Disorders, Pages 41-67
Chapter 4 - Dysphagia and Head and Neck Cancer, Pages 69-95
Chapter 5 - Esophageal Disorders, Pages 97-114
Chapter 6 - Respiratory and Iatrogenic Disorders, Pages 115-130
Chapter 7 - Clinical Evaluation of Adults, Pages 131-160
Chapter 8 - Imaging Swallowing Examinations: Videofluoroscopy and Endoscopy, Pages 161-185
Chapter 9 - Treatment Considerations, Options, and Decisions, Pages 187-206
Chapter 10 - Treatment for Adults, Pages 207-240
Chapter 11 - Ethical Considerations, Pages 241-252
Chapter 12 - Typical Feeding and Swallowing Development in Infants and Children, Pages 253-269
Chapter 13 - Disorders Affecting Feeding and Swallowing in Infants and Children, Pages 271-304
Chapter 14 - Evaluating Feeding and Swallowing in Infants and Children, Pages 305-323
Chapter 15 - Treatment of Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties in Infants and Children, Pages 325-350
Appendix A - Common bottles, Pages 351-352
Appendix B - Cervical auscultation equipment, Page 353
Appendix C - Common cups, Pages 354-355
Appendix D - Common pacifier types, Pages 356-358
Appendix E - Common spoons, Pages 359-360
Appendix F - Artificial nipples for bottle feeding, Pages 361-363
Appendix G - Common infant feeding positions, Pages 364-365
Appendix H - Examples of seating options, Pages 366-368
Glossary, Pages 369-373
Index, Pages 375-386