Monday, August 06, 2018

Advanced health assessment and diagnostic reasoning 2018

Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning, Third Edition covers the diagnostic reasoning process that providers must follow when assessing an actual case. The text outlines each step of the health assessment process and further demonstrates the link between health history and physical examination. It also provides the healthcare professional with the essential data needed to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan."--Publisher's website.

Table of contents : Interviewing and history taking strategies --
Physical examination strategies --
Documentation strategies --
Mental health disorders --
Integumentary disorders --
Eye disorders --
Ear disorders --
Nose, sinus, mouth, and throat disorders --
Respiratory disorders --
Cardiovascular disorders --
Gastrointestinal disorders --
Male genitourinary disorders --
Female genitourinary disorders --
Endocrine disorders --
Musculoskeletal disorders --
Neurological disorders.