Medstudy pediatric core curriculum ( 5 Books )

Our most comprehensive edition yet is full of exciting updates to help you succeed. Targeting the 2018–2019 ABP and AOBP exams, the 8th Edition Core includes all-new content that aligns with the ABP Content Outline. Created with MedStudy’s unique conversational writing style, the Core is the indispensable starting point to passing your boards and staying up to date in your practice. And now you can earn MOC points along with your CME.

Updates include:

Exam alignment. Content restructured to reflect the new ABP Content Outline and the latest guidelines and standards of care.
New sections. We’ve expanded the Core from 19 to 25 sections, including all-new topics such as Pharmacology and Pain Management.
New Preview | Review questions let you self-test before and after each topic to identify your learning gaps and focus your study time.
Chronological sections. Content ordered in a logical progression, starting with Neonatology, then Growth & Development, etc.
Color-coded Table of Contents make topics and subtopics easier to find.
Updated StudyWise guide includes exam tips and evidence-based learning techniques to help you study smarter.

Specialties/subspecialties covered:
Growth & Development
Preventive Pediatrics
Adolescent Medicine & Sexual Health
Behavioral Medicine & Substance Abuse
Emergency Medicine & Maltreatment
Pharmacology and Pain Management
Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Cardiology Nephrology & Urology
Allergy & Immunology
Infectious Disease
Biostatistics, Ethics, Patient Safety, and
Quality Improvement
Ophthalmology & ENT
Metabolic Disorders