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Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery

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This concise textbook of pediatric surgery is designed to guide the reader logically from symptoms and signs to diagnosis and treatment. Each chapter is devoted to one of 35 key symptoms and signs, which are organized according to six body regions: head, neck, chest, abdomen, urogenital system, and back. In each case, a brief assessment of the presenting sign/symptom and differential diagnosis is followed by discussion of occurrence, clinical presentation and significance, diagnostic work-up, treatment, and prognosis. Informative tables, illustrations, and up-to-date references are included throughout. Readers will also have access to an e-learning tool developed in collaboration with the Institute of Medical Education, University of Bern, which highlights the characteristics of pediatric surgical disorders and their treatment and includes clinical, radiological, and intraoperative images.
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xxv
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Tumors, Tumorlike Masses, and Abnormalities of Scalp, Calvaria, and Adjacent Regions....Pages 3-26
Macrocrania....Pages 27-47
Unconsciousness and Altered States of Consciousness....Pages 49-68
Conspicuous and/or Abnormal Head Shape....Pages 69-88
Malformations of the Face Visible from the Outside....Pages 89-97
Front Matter....Pages 99-99
Torticollis....Pages 101-116
Tumors and Tumor-Like Masses and Fistulas of the Neck....Pages 117-142
Front Matter....Pages 143-143
Mediastinal Tumors....Pages 145-159
Respiratory Distress Syndrome of the Newborn and Young Infant....Pages 161-187
Symptoms and Signs of Respiratory Organs in Infants and Older Children....Pages 189-217
Chest Wall Deformities....Pages 219-228
Tumors, Tumor-Like Masses, Nipple Discharge, and Anomalies of the Breast....Pages 229-238
Malformations, Neoplasms, and Other Disorders of the Chest Wall....Pages 239-249
Front Matter....Pages 251-251
Surgical Abdomen....Pages 253-268
Surgical Abdomen due to Intestinal Obstructions....Pages 269-297
Surgical Abdomen due to Abdominal Trauma and Foreign Bodies....Pages 299-312
Chronic Abdominal Pain....Pages 313-314
Disorders of the Abdominal Wall Recognizable from the Outside (Excluding Abdominal Wall Hernias)....Pages 315-327
Swelling of the Groin and Navel....Pages 329-337
Vomiting, Regurgitation, and Dysphagia....Pages 339-358
Front Matter....Pages 251-251
Constipation....Pages 359-374
Hematemesis....Pages 375-383
Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding (Melena)....Pages 385-406
Abdominal Tumor....Pages 407-432
Jaundice (Icterus)....Pages 433-442
Front Matter....Pages 443-443
Hematuria....Pages 445-458
Urinary Tract Infection....Pages 459-488
Disorders of Micturition....Pages 489-506
Genital Bleedings, Vaginal Discharge, and Interlabial Masses....Pages 507-516
Testicular and/or Scrotal Swelling (Pain)....Pages 517-533
Cryptorchidism, Empty Scrotum....Pages 535-541
Conspicuous External Genitals in the Boy....Pages 543-554
Conspicuous External Genitals in a Girl....Pages 555-566
Ambiguous External Genitals, Disorders of Sex Development (DSD)....Pages 567-579
Front Matter....Pages 581-581
Masses, Fistulas, and Skin Abnormalities of the Back....Pages 583-598
Blended Learning and Formative Assessments for Specialist Training and Continuing Education in Pediatric Surgery....Pages 599-601
Back Matter....Pages 603-620

Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery

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