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الجمعة، 13 يناير 2017

Review of Plastic Surgery

Review of Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Donald W. Buck II, provides essential information on more than 40 topics found on in-service, board, and MOC exams, as well as the challenges you face in everyday practice. Using a streamlined, highly illustrated format, it efficiently covers all of the material you need to know - from basic science to clinical knowledge in plastic surgery, including subspecialty topics. The high-yield format means that you’ll spend more time mastering important information and less time searching for it.
Zero in on more than 40 essential topics found on in-service, board, and certifying exams in plastic surgery. 
Test your mastery of the material with self-assessment sections that mimic questions encountered on board exams. 
Clearly visualize key content thanks to superb, full-color illustrations throughout. 
Find and retain important information that’s presented in a concise, high-yield manner - through bulleted text, detailed illustrations, and easy-to-digest lists.

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