Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Psychiatric and mental health nursing demystified

Key concepts, major theories, and advanced trends simplified and explained Whether you're a student seeking to excel in a course or a professional nurse transitioning into psychiatric and mental health nursing, this is the book you need to quickly and easily understand the key concepts and advanced trends of this specialty. In order to make the learning process as effective as possible, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing DeMYSTiFieD includes learning objectives in every chapter, along with key terms, a brief overview of topics, content summaries, chapter-ending review questions, and explanatory tables and diagrams. The book also includes a comprehensive final exam with NCLEX-style quesions covering all of the content found in the book"-- Read more... 
Abstract: Helps you master psychiatric and mental health nursing and use your knowledge in real-world situations. This title offers an overview of this field, including neurobiology, pharmacology, therapeutic communication, psychiatric assessment, theoretical models of care, and more. Read more...
Table of contents : 
Content: 1. Foundation of psychiatric and mental health nursing. Mental illness : Models of human behavior 
Therapeutic relationship 
Therapeutic communication 
Barriers to communication 
Defense mechanisms 
Legal environment 
Psychiatric therapies 
Psychiatric assessment tests 
American Nurses Association Standards of Care 
Nursing assessment 
Mental status examination 
Summarize the nursing assessment 
Developing a nursing diagnosis --
2. Childhood and adolescent psychiatric disorders. Childhood and adolescent mental illness --
Diagnosing --
Treatment --
Working with a difficult child : Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 
Autistic disorder 
Conduct disorder 
Oppositional defiant disorder 
Major depression disorder 
Mental retardation 
Tourette Syndrome --
3. Anxiety and anxiety disorders. Anxiety : Acute stress disorder 
Generalized anxiety disorder 
Obsessive-compulsive disorder 
Panic disorder 
Posttraumatic stress disorder 
Substance abuse anxiety disorder --
4. Somatoform and dissociative disorders. What are somatoform disorders and dissociative disorders? --
Factitious disorders and malingering disorders : Body dysmorphic disorder 
Conversion disorder 
Pain disorder 
Somatization disorder 
Depersonalization disorder 
Dissociative amnesia 
Dissociative fugue 
Dissociative identity disorder --
5. Schizophrenia. What is schizophrenia disorder? --
Hallucinations --
Delusion --
Positive and negative symptoms --
Phases of schizophrenia disorder --
Degrees of schizophrenia disorder --
Antipsychotic medication adverse side effects : Paranoid schizophrenia disorder 
Disorganized schizophrenia disorder 
Undifferentiated schizophrenia disorder 
Residual schizophrenia disorder 
Catatonic schizophrenia disorder. 6. Personality disorders. Personality and personality disorders --
Clusters : Antisocial personality disorder 
Avoidant personality disorder 
Borderline personality disorder 
Dependent personality disorder 
Histrionic personality disorder 
Narcissistic personality disorder 
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder 
Paranoid personality disorder 
Schizoid personality disorder 
Schizotypal personality disorder --
7. Mood disorders. Mood --
Mood disorder : Bipolar disorder 
Cyclothymic disorder 
Dysthymic disorder 
Major depressive disorder --
8. Substance abuse. Abuse, dependency, and addiction --
Dependency and pain medication --
Detoxification --
Recovery, cravings, and triggers --
Social support problems --
Common signs of substance abuse : Alcohol dependence disorder 
Amphetamine abuse disorder 
Anxiolytic, hypnotic, sedative dependent disorder 
Cannabis abuse disorder 
Cocaine abuse disorder 
Hallucinogen abuse disorder 
Inhalant abuse disorder 
Nicotine dependent disorder 
Opioid dependent disorder --
9. Eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa disorder 
Bulimia nervosa disorder --
10. Sleeping disorders. Sleep --
Measuring sleep --
Missed sleep --
Sleeping habits --
Stages of sleep --
Physiology during sleep --
Dreams : Breathing-related sleep disorder 
Circadian rhythm sleep disorder 
Narcolepsy disorcer 
Primary hypersomnia disorder 
Primary insomnia disorder. 11. Sexual disorders. Sexual activity 
Gender identity 
Paraphilia : Gender identity disorder 
Paraphilia disorder 
Sexual dysfunction disorder --
12. Therapeutic communications. A therapeutic relationship 
Therapeutic communication 
Therapeutic interventions 
Mediating conflicts 
Developing a therapeutic relationship 
Running groups 
Addiction intervention 
Legal considerations 
Nurse process report 
Milieu --
13. Patient psychiatric assessment and patient psychiatric care plans. Mental health diagnosis 
Psychiatric nursing process 
Behavioral assessment 
Psychiatric nursing diagnosis 
Psychiatric care plan --
14. Physiologic basis of mental illness. Mental illness : Neurologic system 
Nervous system and mental illness 
Substance abuse.