Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Protocols for Predictable Aesthetic Dental Restorations

Aesthetic dentistry has become increasingly important to dentists and their patients. This book is designed as a springboard to assist clinicians in developing the aesthetic potential of restorative procedures. The book marries evidence-based principles with handy hints and tips the author has distilled from years of clinical experience. This combination of scientific principles with ‘real world’ practice will boost the confidence of budding aesthetic practitioners and clinical dental students. 

The book focuses on the principles of aesthetic work across the dentist's repertoire, rather than concentrating on one particular technique. For this reason, it will add value to the range of daily restorative work in the dental surgery.Content: 
Chapter 1 Treatment Planning — Assessment, Planning and Treatment (pages 1–20): 
Chapter 2 The Health, Function and Aesthetic Triad (pages 21–54): 
Chapter 3 Choice of All?Ceramic Systems (pages 55–76): 
Chapter 4 Colour and Shade Analysis (pages 77–97): 
Chapter 5 Foundations and Intra?Radicular Support (pages 98–124): 
Chapter 6 Tooth Preparation (pages 125–144): 
Chapter 7 Therapeutic Temporary Restorations (pages 145–164): 
Chapter 8 Biological Impressions (pages 165–184): 
Chapter 9 Try?in Procedures (pages 185–190): 
Chapter 10 Cementation and Dentine Bonding Agents (pages 191–210):