Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy. Modern Herbal Medicine - مدونة كل العرب الطبية


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Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy. Modern Herbal Medicine

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Table of contents : 
Front-matter, Pages i,iii
Dedication, Page ii
About the Authors, Page ii
Copyright, Page iv
Forewords, Pages viii-x
Prefaces, Pages xi-xii
Acknowledgments, Page xiii
List of contributors, Pages xiv-xv
Herb terminology, Page xvi
Introduction, Pages xvii-xix
Plate section, Pages xxi-xxiv
1 - Herbal therapeutic systems, Pages 3-16
2 - Principles of herbal pharmacology, Pages 17-82
3 - Principles of herbal treatment, Pages 83-88
4 - Validating herbal therapeutics, Pages 89-99
5 - Optimising safety, Pages 100-117
6 - Dosage and dosage forms in herbal medicine, Pages 121-133
7 - A systematic approach to herbal prescribing, Pages 134-139
8 - Herbal approaches to pathological states, Pages 140-182
9 - Herbal approaches to system dysfunctions, Pages 183-350
10 - How to use the monographs, Pages 353-961
Appendix A - Glossary of herbal actions, Pages 962-967
Appendix B - Toxic or potentially toxic herbs, Pages 968-969
Appendix C - Potential herb–drug interactions for commonly used herbs, Pages 970-996
Appendix D - Herbs and children: basic dosage rules, Pages 997-998
Appendix E - Herbal clinical trial papers: how to read them, Pages 999-1006
Actions index, Pages 1007-1008
Conditions index, Pages 1009-1011
General index, Pages 1012-1051

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