Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design, Third Edition

In this new edition of a bestseller, all the contents have been brought upto-
date by addressing current standards and best practices in the assessment
and prediction of ADMET properties. Although the previous chapter
layout has been retained, substantial revisions have been made, with new
topics such as pro-drugs, active metabolites and transporters covered in
detail in a manner useful to the Drug Discovery scientist. The authors
discuss the parameters and processes important for the absorption, distribution
and retention of drug compounds in the body, plus the potential
problems created by their transformation into toxic byproducts. 
Uniquely comprehensive, the book relates physicochemistry and chemical structure
to pharmacokinetic properties and ultimately drug efficacy and safety.
While aimed at all those dealing professionally with the development
and application of pharmaceutical substances, the readily comprehensible
style makes this book equally suitable for students of pharmacy and
related subjects.Content: 
Chapter 1 Physicochemistry (pages 1–17): 
Chapter 2 Pharmacokinetics (pages 19–40): 
Chapter 3 Absorption (pages 41–59): 
Chapter 4 Distribution (pages 61–79): 
Chapter 5 Clearance (pages 81–102): 
Chapter 6 Renal Clearance (pages 103–110): 
Chapter 7 Metabolic (Hepatic) Clearance (pages 111–158): 
Chapter 8 Toxicity (pages 159–208): 
Chapter 9 Predicting Human Pharmacokinetics (pages 209–227): 
Chapter 10 ADME Screening (pages 229–250):