Monday, January 16, 2017

Orthopedics of the Upper and Lower Limb

​​ ​​​This book has been written by established Orthopedic Surgeons who have become dedicated specialists within their particular subspecialty. They have contributed by writing highly detailed chapters that educate the reader with the basic science, accepted fundamentals and most recent trends within the full range of orthopedic management of upper and lower limb orthopedic disorders.It is intended that this well illustrated and highly informative text book to provide orthopedic surgeons in training with comprehensive and relevant core knowledge on all aspects of orthopedics of the upper and lower limb, and will become an essential guide for surgeons in training, providing step by step approaches to performing initial diagnosis, surgical procedures and post operative management.​
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xvi
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
The Shoulder Joint....Pages 3-17
The Arm....Pages 19-21
The Elbow....Pages 23-28
The Forearm....Pages 29-34
The Wrist Joint....Pages 35-41
The Hand and Fingers....Pages 43-46
The Thumb....Pages 47-48
Hand Infections....Pages 49-53
Front Matter....Pages 55-55
The Hip Joint....Pages 57-83
The Knee Joint....Pages 85-119
The Leg....Pages 121-124
The Foot and Ankle....Pages 125-149
The Great Toe....Pages 151-168
Back Matter....Pages 169-173