Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ocular Infections

Ocular infections remain an important cause of ocular morbidity and loss of vision, yet many are preventable or curable. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment help in the control of such infectious disorders and the prevention of blindness. There are many infectious diseases of the eye and adnexa and knowledge of their diagnosis and management is essential to an optimal therapeutic outcome.

This book provides the practitioner with the important information required to ensure appropriate diagnosis and management of ocular infectious diseases. Specific clinical signs and symptoms are outlined, and the role of specific diagnostic tests, including molecular biology techniques, is explained. All of the most common microorganisms are considered and current knowledge on the antimicrobial therapy of ocular infections is clearly summarized. Ocular Infections will be a great help to physicians as a guide to the care of patients with ocular infectious diseases.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-viii
Molecular Diagnosis of Ocular Infections....Pages 1-18
Antimicrobial Agents in Ophthalmology....Pages 19-35
Infections of the Orbit....Pages 37-43
Infections of the Lacrimal System....Pages 45-49
Infections of the Eyelids....Pages 51-61
Infectious Conjunctivitis....Pages 63-72
Infectious Keratitis....Pages 73-93
Viral Anterior Uveitis....Pages 95-101
Infections of the Posterior Segment: Ocular Tuberculosis....Pages 103-118
Infections of the Posterior Segment: Ocular Syphilis....Pages 119-123
Infections of the Posterior Segment: Other Bacterial Infections....Pages 125-133
Infections of the Posterior Segment: Parasitic and Fungal Infections....Pages 135-154
Infections of the Posterior Segment: Acute Retinal Necrosis....Pages 155-159
Infections of the Posterior Segment: Cytomegalovirus Retinitis....Pages 161-167
Emergent Ocular Infections....Pages 169-180
Endophthalmitis....Pages 181-194