Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nutrition and Oral Medicine

This second edition addresses the complex, multifaceted relationships between nutrition and oral health, explores proposed relationships between oral, systemic and nutritional well-being and provides insights into interprofessional, comprehensive care for individuals. Chapters focus on diet, nutrition and oral health promotion and disease prevention across the lifespan, oral and dental diseases and disorders, oral manifestations of systemic diseases, and discussions of the synergy between oral tissues and nutrients. Cutting edge research issues regarding the relationship of individual antioxidants, trace elements, polyphenols and other nutrient substrates and oral health/disease, nutrigenomics, screening for nutrition and oral risk and other areas are covered in detail. Editors and authors include experts in nutrition and oral health from around the world. This second edition is a invaluable resource for health professionals in the fields of nutrition and dentistry as well as other disciplines whose research, practice and education includes nutrition and oral medicine. It is an excellent resource for graduate level nutrition and dental students, dental and nutrition practitioners, educators and researchers as well as other health professionals. 

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xxvi
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Impact of Dietary Quality and Nutrition on General Health Status....Pages 3-17
Pregnancy, Child Nutrition, and Oral Health....Pages 19-37
Age-Related Changes in Oral Health Status and Diet and Nutrition Status....Pages 39-50
Obesity and Oral Health Across the Lifespan....Pages 51-62
Front Matter....Pages 63-63
Bidirectional Associations Between Oral and Systemic Health....Pages 65-82
Impacts and Interrelationships Between Medications, Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, and Oral Health....Pages 83-107
Front Matter....Pages 109-109
Oral Consequences of Compromised Nutritional Well-Being....Pages 111-127
Nutrition and Inflammation....Pages 129-152
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices and Oral and Nutritional Health....Pages 153-170
Genomics and Oral Health: An Overview....Pages 171-194
Front Matter....Pages 195-195
Diabetes....Pages 197-219
Oral Pharyngeal Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention....Pages 221-234
Nutrition Management of the Cancer Patient....Pages 235-253
Human Immunodeficiency Virus/AIDS....Pages 255-275
Autoimmune Diseases....Pages 277-297
Osteoporosis....Pages 299-312
Orofacial Pain....Pages 313-331
Oral Surgery, Diet, and Nutrition....Pages 333-347
Front Matter....Pages 349-349
Approaches to Oral Nutrition Health Risk Screening and Assessment....Pages 351-367
Approaches to Curriculum Development in Nutrition and Dental Education....Pages 369-378
Back Matter....Pages 379-420