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الاثنين، 16 يناير 2017

Neuroradiology in Clinical Practice

This quick reference guide for medical students and residents presents over sixty clinical case studies of major neurological conditions and their associated neuroimaging characteristics. A primer on the fundamental physics which underlie neuroimaging techniques is also provided. The content is organized by pathology type and the structure of every topic is similar to help the reader develop his or her thinking process in a stepwise fashion and to provide a rational approach to imaging interpretation. 

Neuroradiology in Clinical Practice is aimed at medical students and residents doing their rotations in neurology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and family medicine, but will also be useful for allied health professionals, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other primary medical care providers.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xiii
Introductory Biochemical and Biophysical Principles....Pages 1-13
Vascular Disorders....Pages 15-25
White Matter Diseases and Demyelination....Pages 27-37
Tumours....Pages 39-49
Neurodegenerative Conditions....Pages 51-59
Developmental Anomalies....Pages 61-68
Acquired/Structural Problems....Pages 69-72
Neurotrauma....Pages 73-79
Infectious Diseases....Pages 81-87
Metabolic Disorders....Pages 89-91
Blood Vessel Imaging....Pages 93-98
Back Matter....Pages 99-104

Neuroradiology in Clinical Practice

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