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This practical guide provides an algorithm for diagnosis and treatment, from ‘having some problem with vision’, via diagnosis of cause and background, to treatment and eventually to rehabilitation.

Following on from introductory sections devoted to the role of neuro-ophthalmology, recent developments in the field, and an overview of neuro-ophthalmological examinations, there are sections devoted to the different parts of the visual system, and finally a section on rehabilitation.

Neuro-ophthalmology is aimed at ophthalmologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, neuroradiologists, experts in cardiology and stroke, and trainees in these areas. It will also be of interest to neuro-rehabilitation specialists, neuropsychologists, and those working in typhlopedagogy and health informatics.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xxi
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
The Importance and Role of Neuro-ophthalmology in Ophthalmological Clinical Practice....Pages 3-4
The Importance of Neuro-ophthalmology in Neurology....Pages 5-6
Front Matter....Pages 7-7
Mechanisms of Parallel Information Processing in the Visual System....Pages 9-14
A New Direction: Neuro-endocrino-immunology....Pages 15-17
Visual and Oculomotor Disorders in Internal Diseases....Pages 19-25
Genetic Aspects of Neuro-ophtalmological Diseases....Pages 27-32
Recent Knowledge in the Neurosurgical Practice Regarding the Visual System....Pages 33-35
The Role of Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery in the Treatment of Neuro-ophthalmological Diseases....Pages 37-45
Neurointerventional Treatment of Diseases Causing Neuro-ophthalmological Symptoms....Pages 47-57
Recent Results in Neuropathology: Demyelinating and Conformational Diseases....Pages 59-63
Front Matter....Pages 65-66
Algorithm of the Neuro-ophthalmological Examination Used in the International Practice....Pages 67-78
Objective and Subjective Examination Methods of Visual Acuity....Pages 79-82
Examination of Contrast Sensitivity....Pages 83-87
Examination of Color Vision....Pages 89-95
Electroretinography (ERG): Electrophysiological Examination of the Retina....Pages 97-110
Functional Examinations of the Visual Pathway System with Electrophysiological Methods....Pages 111-118
Clinical Importance of Conventional and Modern Visual Field Tests in the Topographical Diagnostics of Visual Pathway Disorders....Pages 119-132
The Differential Diagnosis of Visual Field Deficits at the Bedside....Pages 133-144
The Role of Fluorescein Angiography and Optical Coherence Tomography in the Examination of Circulatory Disorders of the Optic Disc....Pages 145-156
Optical Coherence Tomography of the Optic Disc and the Macula in Neurodegenerative Diseases....Pages 157-170
Front Matter....Pages 65-66
Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Ocular Motor Disorders....Pages 171-196
Polatest Procedure....Pages 197-205
Physiology and Examination Methods of the Pupillomotor Pathway....Pages 207-215
Neuro-ophthalmological Methods for the Clinical Analysis of Double Vision....Pages 217-221
Duplex Ultrasound Examination of the Carotid and Vertebral Arteries....Pages 223-230
Transcranial Doppler Examination....Pages 231-245
Color Doppler Ultrasound Examination in Orbital Diseases....Pages 247-252
The Role of the Ophthalmologic Ultrasound in Neuro-ophthalmology....Pages 253-256
The Role of the EMG-ENG in Diagnosing Neuro-ophthalmologic Diseases....Pages 257-262
Computed Tomography Examinations....Pages 263-270
Neuroradiology, Functional MRI....Pages 271-281
Novel Information Regarding the Visual and Eye Movement Systems in Otoneurology....Pages 283-286
Electro-Oculography (EOG) Examination of Eye Movements....Pages 287-293
The Importance of Familiar Thrombophilias in the Clinical Practice. Novel Ways in Anticoagulant Therapy....Pages 295-303
Novel Consideration Regarding the Role of Evoked Potential in Confirming the Diagnosis of Eye Movement Disorders of Brainstem Origin....Pages 305-305
Front Matter....Pages 307-308
Hereditary Diseases of the Retina....Pages 309-323
The Roles of Electroretinography (ERG) and Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Examinations in the Diseases of the Retina and/or the Optic Nerve....Pages 325-331
Congenital Diseases of the Optic Nerve....Pages 333-337
Phacomatoses....Pages 339-344
Retrobulbar Optic Neuropathy: From the Neurologist’s Approach....Pages 345-350
Front Matter....Pages 307-308
Neuromyelitis Optica (Devic’s Disease): A New Concept for an Old Disease....Pages 351-359
Acquired Inflammatory Diseases of the Optic Nerve: From the Neuro-Ophthalmologist’s Approach....Pages 361-367
Vascular Diseases of the Optic Nerve: Internal Medicine Aspects....Pages 369-375
The Cardiovascular Background of ‘Intracerebral Small Vessel Disease’....Pages 377-381
Vascular Diseases of the Optic Nerve: The Neuro-Ophthalmologist’s Approach....Pages 383-400
Diseases Causing Compression of the Optic Nerve: The Neurosurgeon’s Perspective....Pages 401-406
Neuro-Ophthalmological Aspects of Tumors Causing Compression of the Visual Pathway System....Pages 407-420
The Significance of Neuro-ophthalmology in the Diagnosis and Therapy of Cranial Trauma....Pages 421-432
Toxic and Deficiency Optic Neuropathy....Pages 433-435
Ocular Symptoms and Signs of Intracranial Hypertension....Pages 437-451
Big Blind Spot Syndrome (Papillophlebitis)....Pages 453-459
Front Matter....Pages 461-461
The Most Important Disorders of the Pupillomotor Pathway in the Clinical Practice....Pages 463-470
Congenital Eye Movement Disorders....Pages 471-481
The Most Important Clinical Syndromes of Acquired Nuclear and Infranuclear Eye Movement Disorders, and Their Diagnostic and Therapeutic Options....Pages 483-492
Eye Movement Disorders Related to Brainstem Dysfunctions -Types, Clinical Significance of Vertical Localization, Modern Therapeutic Principles....Pages 493-505
The Clinical Significance of Otoneurology in the Diagnosis of Brainstem Disorders....Pages 507-511
Examination of the Eye Movements of the Patient in Coma....Pages 513-522
Supranuclear Regulation of the Eye Movements and the Significance of Their Disturbances....Pages 523-533
Disorders of the Neuromuscular Junction and Their Diagnostics....Pages 535-543
The Ocular Characteristics and Differential Diagnostics of Mixed Types Eye Movement Disorders (Disorders of Ocular Neuromuscular Junction (OMG), Non Isolated Ocular Muscle Paresis and Myogenic Paresis)....Pages 545-559
Front Matter....Pages 461-461
Endocrine Myopathy and Orbitopathy....Pages 561-569
Front Matter....Pages 571-571
Diagnostics and Therapy of Diseases of the Orbit....Pages 573-591
Traumatic Injuries of the Orbit....Pages 593-633
Front Matter....Pages 635-635
Tumor Lesions of the Facial Nerve....Pages 637-643
Front Matter....Pages 645-645
Neuro-Opthalmological Aspects of Headaches from the Neurologist’s Aspect....Pages 647-660
Front Matter....Pages 661-661
Viewing Down from the Top: Visual Impairments Developing as a Consequence of Cortical Injury....Pages 663-676
Ignored World Without Missing It Neglect....Pages 677-687
Introducing Tools and Services Helping Life of People with Impaired Vision....Pages 689-703
Elementary and Occupational Rehabilitation of People with Impaired Vision....Pages 705-713
The Importance of Rehabilitation and the Options of a Neuro-ophthalmologist....Pages 715-717
Back Matter....Pages 719-728