Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Molecular Pharmacognosy

Molecular Pharmacognosy” discusses the application of molecular biology in resource science and authentication of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This book reviews the latest developments in pharmacognosy, introduces a series of new views and insights, presents the hotspots and focus of the field of study on molecular pharmacognosy, and predicts a new direction of study on the resource science of TCM. Furthermore, the book also provides an open communications platform for the development of molecular pharmacognosy. This book is intended for biomedical scientists and researchers in the fields of molecular biology, traditional medicine and natural pharmaceutics. 

Professor Lu-qi Huang is Director of the Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization for Traditional Medicine (Chinese Materia Medica) and Vice-Chairman of the Australia Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences Inc.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xii
Emerging Molecular Pharmacognosy....Pages 1-9
Methodology....Pages 11-43
Molecular Identification of Traditional Medicinal Materials....Pages 45-66
The Mechanism of Formation of Dao-di Herbs....Pages 67-81
Seeking for New Members of Origin Materials (A New Usage of Plant Species) for CMM....Pages 83-104
Salvation of Rare and Endangered Medicinal Plants....Pages 105-127
Gene Modification of Pharmic Plant Germplasm Resources....Pages 129-167
Regulation of the Active Constituents’ Production of Medicinal Plants....Pages 169-183
Molecular Mechanism and Regulation on Biosynthesis of Active Ingredients of Medicinal Plants....Pages 185-218
Back Matter....Pages 219-220