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السبت، 14 يناير 2017

Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine emphasizes all aspects of this broad and important area and is the definitive textbook for anybody involved in the perioperative care of liver patients. The book is divided into three sections: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine. The anesthesiology section contains information about liver transplantation and other liver surgeries and provides detailed practical direction and concise background information of all aspects of the anesthetic management of these patients based on the most recent evidence. The critical care section describes basic critical care management as it relates to liver surgical patients and addresses specific postoperative issues relevant for liver resection and liver transplant patients. The book combines practical guidance to the perioperative management with extensive background and clinical evidence to allow the reader gain an in –depth understanding of this complex and fascinating topic.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xxi
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Physiology and Anatomy of the Liver....Pages 3-20
Acute Hepatic Failure....Pages 21-41
Drug Metabolism in Liver Failure....Pages 43-50
Evaluation of Liver Disease....Pages 51-58
Front Matter....Pages 59-59
History of Liver Transplantation....Pages 61-66
Recipient and Donor Selection and Transplant Logistics—The European Perspective....Pages 67-72
Recipient and Donor Selection and Transplant Logistics: The US Perspective....Pages 73-81
Surgical Techniques in Liver Transplantation....Pages 83-95
Intraoperative Monitoring....Pages 97-109
Practice Patterns of Liver Transplant Anesthesiology....Pages 111-130
Caval Cross-Clamping, Piggyback, and Veno-Venous Bypass....Pages 131-137
Liver Transplantation: Hemodynamic Changes, Cardiac Output Monitoring and Inotropic Support....Pages 139-146
Coagulopathy: Pathophysiology, Evaluation, and Treatment....Pages 147-168
Physiology, Prevention, and Treatment of Blood Loss During Liver Transplantation....Pages 169-179
The Marginal Liver Donor and Organ Preservation Strategies....Pages 181-193
Pediatric Liver Transplantation....Pages 195-204
Combined Solid Organ Transplantation Involving the Liver....Pages 205-213
Liver Transplantation for the Patient with High MELD....Pages 215-221
Perioperative Considerations for Transplantation in Acute Liver Failure....Pages 223-231
Renal Failure....Pages 233-241
Front Matter....Pages 59-59
The Patient with Severe Comorbidities: Cardiac Disease....Pages 243-253
Pulmonary Complications of Liver Disease....Pages 255-266
Liver Transplantation: The Patient with Severe Co-morbidities, CNS Disease and Increased Intracranial Pressure....Pages 267-282
Front Matter....Pages 283-283
Hepatobiliary Surgery: Indications, Evaluation, and Outcomes....Pages 285-297
Liver Resection Surgery: Anesthetic Management, Monitoring, Fluids, and Electrolytes....Pages 299-312
Anesthetic Aspects of Living Donor Hepatectomy....Pages 313-321
Complications of Liver Surgery....Pages 323-332
The Patient with Liver Disease for Non-hepatic Surgery....Pages 333-351
Front Matter....Pages 353-353
Routine Postoperative Care After Liver Transplantation....Pages 355-369
Immunosuppression....Pages 371-381
Acute Kidney Injury After Liver Transplantation....Pages 383-387
Early Graft Failure....Pages 389-392
Sepsis and Infection....Pages 393-404
Respiratory Failure and ARDS....Pages 405-415
Pain Management in Liver Transplantation....Pages 417-431
Front Matter....Pages 433-433
Postoperative Care of Living Donor for Liver Transplant....Pages 435-443
Liver Surgery: Early Complications—Liver Failure, Bile Leak, and Sepsis....Pages 445-452
Back Matter....Pages 453-473

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