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Leafy medicinal herbs: botany, chemistry, post harvest technology and uses

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This book compiles the literature for 23 of the most globally relevant leafy medicinal herbs. Beginning with a general overview and discussion of the importance of these plants, it then handles each herb by chapter. Chapters discuss the botany of the crop, including its history and origin, geographical distribution and morphology, before focusing on the chemical composition and phytochemical aspects. They then review postharvest technology such as processing and value addition, before concluding with the general and pharmacological uses for each crop. A complete companion to the subject, this book forms a vital resource for researchers, students, farmers and industrialists in the area of leafy medicinal herbs
Table of contents : 
Content: Aloe Vera / Ravindra Naik, J.S. Rutra Priya and R. Arul Mari --
Ashwagandha / Paramadhas Sudha and Alagirisamy Reni --
Basil / Darach Lupton, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Rashid Abdullah Al-Yahyai and Muhammad Asif Hanif --
Bay / Hülya Çakmak, Seher Kumcuoğlu and Şebnem Tavman --
Betel Vine / S. Jacob, K. Annamalai, S. Reetha Subashini, J.S. Rutra Priya and Ravindra Naik --
Celery / Svein Øivind Solberg --
Centella / Terrence Madhujith and Subajiny Sivakanthan --
Chester / A.F. Alonge --
Coriander / Maripillai Munusamy Pragalyaashree and Venkatachalam Thirupathi --
Curry Leaf Plant / Dawn C.P. Ambrose --
Fenugreek / Gopal Amuthaselvi and Dawn C.P. Ambrose --
Lemongrass / Salome Amarachi Chime and Ikechukwu V. Onyishi --
Mint / Maria do Carmo Ferreira and Aline de Holanda Rosanova --
Moringa / Anthonia O. Oluduro, Dawn C.P. Ambrose, Aregbesola Oladipupo Abiodun and Alice L. Daunty --
Oregano / K. Hüsnü Can Başer and Neşet Arslan --
Parsley / Ghazi Daradkeh and Musthafa Mohamed Essa --
Patchouli / H.G. Ramya --
Rosemary / Milda E. Embuscado --
Sage / Ahmad Ghorbani --
Senna / Kuntal Das --
Spinach / Periyasamy Suganya and A. Sangamithra --
Stevia / Ramanathan Parimalavalli and S. Radhai Sri --
Thyme / Rashid Abdullah Al-Yahyai and Darach Lupton.

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