Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Introduction to Nursing Informatics

This 4th edition of Introduction to Nursing Informatics is designed for use by practicing nurses and students in undergraduate programs of study. It presents the fundamental concepts of Nursing Informatics, and includes a number of contributions from leading experts who have practiced in the field of informatics over a number of years. The information is presented and integrated in a purposeful manner to encourage you to explore key concepts, starting with the fundamental concepts and then progressing on to core concepts and practice applications in the later sections. Briefly, the word CARE is presented as an acronym for Connected Health, Administration, Research and Education and the book is organised in sections with these sub themes. Critically, the content is linked with case-based examples to contextualize the theory presented.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xvii
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Introduction....Pages 3-10
Nursing Informatics....Pages 11-31
Front Matter....Pages 33-33
E-Health a Global Priority....Pages 35-52
History of Computing and Technology....Pages 53-65
The Mechanics of Computing....Pages 67-78
Health Information Exchange: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)....Pages 79-96
Health Informatics Standards....Pages 97-144
Nursing Documentation in Digital Solutions....Pages 145-176
Independent Living Applications....Pages 177-211
Front Matter....Pages 213-213
Administration Applications....Pages 215-230
Data Privacy and Security....Pages 231-250
The Role of the Informatics Nurse....Pages 251-270
Front Matter....Pages 271-271
Research Applications....Pages 273-294
Case Studies Introduction: Transformational Research....Pages 295-303
Case Study 1: Nursing Informatics and eHealth in Australia....Pages 305-322
Case Study 2: The TIGER Initiative Foundation – Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform....Pages 323-331
Case Study 3: Nursing Informatics – Highlights from Wales....Pages 333-353
Case Study 4: Mobile Nursing in Health Information Systems....Pages 355-370
The Future Is a Sharp 90° Turn....Pages 371-412
Front Matter....Pages 413-413
Nursing Education....Pages 415-425
Front Matter....Pages 413-413
Knowledge Networks in Nursing....Pages 427-439
Back Matter....Pages 441-452