Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Herbal medicines : development and validation of plant-derived medicines for human health

Content: The European legislation (directive 2004/24/EC) brings clarification and recognition to herbal medicinal products / Giuseppe Nisticò and Dagmar Roth-Behrendt -- Taxonomy, morphology, and ecology of medicinal plants: a botanical perspective / Simon Pierce, Alessandra Luzzaro, and Bruno E.L. Cerabolini -- Ethnopharmacological approaches used to identify medicinal plants / Tsukasa Sakurada ... [et al.] -- Medicinal plants : molecular biology/biotechnology approach -- Candida Vannini ... [et al.] -- Breeding and cultivation of medicinal plants / Christoph Carlen -- Sample preparation, analytical methods, and chemical standardization of medicinal plants -- Angela Perrone ... [et al.] -- The role of zebrafish in the future of natural product discovery -- Alexander D. Crawford, Camila V. Esguerra, and Peter A.M. de Witte -- Phytocomplexes versus single-entity drugs : the never-ending dilemma in herbal medicine / Elizabeth M. Williamson -- Molecular modes of action of drugs used in phytomedicine / Michael Wink -- Bioavailability issues of nonnutrient plant and fruit constituents / Mariusz Konrad Piskula and Junji Terao -- From identification to clinical translation of medicinal plants / Gian Franco Gensini ... [et al.] -- Recommendations for reporting randomized controlled trials of herbal medicine interventions / Joel J. Gagnier ... [et al.] -- Pharmacovigilance methods and systems in herbal medicines / Gioacchino Calapai -- Mechanisms and clinical relevance of herb drug interactions from the perspectives of pharmacokinetics / Laura Berliocchi ... [et al.] -- Nature's gift to photodynamic medicine : hypericin, a herbal photosensitizer is a component of hypericum perforatum / Heinrich Walt -- Plants and plant-derived products as cancer chemopreventive agents / Douglas M. Noonan, Ilaria Sogno, and Adriana Albini -- From standard tanacetum parthenium extract to a stabilized derivative of parthenolide : studies in animal models of pain / Rosaria Greco ... [et al.] -- Antiviral effects of essential oils used traditionally in phytomedicine / Jürgen Reichling and Paul Schnitzler -- The neuroprotective capacity of achyrocline satureioides (Lam) D.C. and its flavonoids : mechanisms of action / Federico Dajas ... [et al.] -- Recent progress in echinacea research / Karin Woelkart and Rudolf Bauer -- Contribution of herbal medicine to human health : a brief history / Luigi Antonio Morrone ... [et al.] -- Quality issues of current herbal medicines / Paola Montoro, Sonia Piacente, and Cosimo Pizza -- Herbal medicines in the developing world : South America / Federico Dajas and Felicia Rivera-Megret -- Herbal medicines : epidemiology of their utilization, a perspective on the industrialized world / Anna Loraschi and Marco Cosentino