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السبت، 14 يناير 2017

Handbook of Critical and Intensive Care Medicine

The latest edition of this handbook is a concise yet comprehensive guide for attending physicians, fellows, residents, and students who cover the ICU. The chapters follow an outline format and are divided by organ system, including neurologic disorders and cardiovascular disorders, and special topics, such as environmental disorders, trauma, and toxicology. The handbook includes thoroughly updated chapters from the previous edition, alongside completely new material.
Written by an authority in the field, the Handbook of Critical and Intensive Care Medicine, Third Edition is a valuable one-stop reference for every practitioner engaged in Critical Care Medicine across the world. 
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xv
Approach to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)....Pages 1-10
The Basics of Critical Care....Pages 11-49
Cardiovascular Disorders....Pages 51-87
Endocrinologic Disorders....Pages 89-116
Environmental Disorders....Pages 117-144
Gastrointestinal Disorders....Pages 145-158
Hematologic Disorders....Pages 159-180
Infectious Diseases....Pages 181-201
Neurologic Disorders....Pages 203-221
Nutrition....Pages 223-242
Critical Care Oncology....Pages 243-262
Critical Care of the Pregnant Patient....Pages 263-283
Pulmonary Disorders....Pages 285-315
Renal and Fluid–Electrolyte Disorders....Pages 317-353
Special Techniques....Pages 355-373
Toxicology....Pages 375-395
Trauma....Pages 397-416
Allergic and Immunologic Emergencies....Pages 417-422
Pharmacologic Agents Commonly Used in the ICU....Pages 423-433
Common Laboratory Values in the ICU....Pages 435-441
Back Matter....Pages 443-470

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