Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Essential Pharmacokinetics: A Primer for Pharmaceutical Scientists

Essential Pharmacokinetics: A Primer for Pharmaceutical Scientists is an introduction to the concepts of pharmacokinetics intended for graduate students and new researchers working in the pharmaceutical sciences. This book describes the mathematics used in the mammillary model as well as the application of pharmacokinetics to pharmaceutical product development, and is useful as both a self-study and classroom resource. Content coverage includes detailed discussions of common models and important pharmacokinetic concepts such as biological half-life, clearance, excretion, multiple dosage regimens and more. Numerous equations, practical examples and figures are incorporated to clearly illustrate the theoretical background of pharmacokinetic behavior of drugs and excipients.Shows how to apply basic pharmacokinetic methods to evaluate drugs, excipients and drug productsUses guided practice questions, mathematical concepts and real-world examples for self-assessment and retention purposesIllustrates how to write and evaluate drug registration files
Table of contents : 
Front-matter, Pages i,iii
Dedication, Page ii
Copyright, Page iv
Preface, Page vii
Chapter 1 - Introduction, Pages 1-8
Chapter 2 - Basic Concepts of Pharmacokinetics, Pages 9-84
Chapter 3 - Physicochemical Properties and Pharmacokinetics, Pages 85-104
Chapter 4 - Drug Pharmacokinetics After Alternative Routes of Administration, Pages 105-118
Chapter 5 - Pharmacologic Response and Drug Dosage Adjustments, Pages 119-130
Chapter 6 - The Effect of Food and Excipients on Drug Pharmacokinetics, Pages 131-136
Chapter 7 - Practice Problems, Pages 137-146
Appendix I - Answers to Problems in Chapter 7, Pages 147-162
Appendix II - Symbols and Abbreviations, Pages 163-165
Index, Pages 167-170