Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diet therapy in advanced practice nursing: nutrition perscriptions for improved patient outcomes

The first book to cover diet nutrition therapy as it pertains to advanced practice nursing, Diet therapy in advanced practice nursing: nutrition prescriptions for improved patient outcomes is a concise compilation of best nutrition practices for specific disease states. The authors are Registered Dietician Educators recognized as national experts on the particular diseases and illnesses covered. Features - Organized by disease states, Focuses on nutrition-related prevention and therapeutic strategies for disease states, Valuable to both students and licensed practitioners"--Provided by publisher. Read more... 
Abstract: Written for the advanced practice nurse, this book offers proven nutrition strategies for optimizing health and combating specific diseases. It gathers together the evidence-based guidelines and practices recommended for the prevention, management, and treatment of a variety of disease states. Read more...
Table of contents : 
Content: Chapter 1: Introduction to nutrition science --
Chapter 2: Counseling: nutrition status and risk assessment --
Chapter 3: Weight management --
Chapter 4: Musculoskeletal system diseases --
Chapter 5: Nutrition support: tube feeding and total parenteral nutrition --
Chapter 6: Cardiovascular diseases --
Chapter 7: Celiac disease and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract --
Chapter 8: Diabetes --
Chapter 9: Metabolic stress: burns & surgery, cancer & HIV/AIDS --
Chapter 10: Pregnancy and breastfeeding --
Chapter 11: Renal and hepatobiliary diseases --
Chapter 12: Alternative and complementary nutrition therapies.