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Diagnostic Molecular Pathology. A Guide to Applied Molecular Testing

Diagnostic Molecular Pathology: A Guide to Applied Molecular Testing is organized around disease types (genetic disease, infectious disease, neoplastic disease, among others). In each section, the authors provide background on disease mechanisms and describe how laboratory testing is built on knowledge of these mechanisms. Sections are dedicated to general methodologies employed in testing (to convey the concepts reflected in the methods), and specific description of how these methods can be applied and are applied to specific diseases are described. 

The book does not present molecular methods in isolation, but considers how other evidence (symptoms, radiology or other imaging, or other clinical tests) is used to guide the selection of molecular tests or how these other data are used in conjunction with molecular tests to make diagnoses (or otherwise contribute to clinical workup). In addition, final chapters look to the future (new technologies, new approaches) of applied molecular pathology and how discovery-based research will yield new and useful biomarkers and tests.

Diagnostic Molecular Pathology: A Guide to Applied Molecular Testing contains exercises to test readers on their understanding of how molecular diagnostic tests are utilized and the value of the information that can be obtained in the context of the patient workup. Readers are directed to an ancillary website that contains supplementary materials in the form of exercises where decision trees can be employed to simulate actual clinical decisions.
Focuses on the menu of molecular diagnostic tests available in modern molecular pathology or clinical laboratories that can be applied to disease detection, diagnosis, and classification in the clinical workup of a patientExplains how molecular tests are utilized to guide the treatment of patients in personalized medicine (guided therapies) and for prognostication of diseaseFeatures an ancillary website with self-testing exercises where decision trees can be employed to simulate actual clinical decisionsHighlights new technologies and approaches of applied molecular pathology and how discovery-based research will yield new and useful biomarkers and tests
Table of contents : 
Front-matter,Copyright,Endorsements,Dedication,List of Contributors,PrefaceEntitled to full textSection I: Introduction to Molecular TestingChapter 1 - Basic Concepts in Molecular Pathology—Introduction to Molecular Testing in Human Disease, Pages 3-14, W.B. Coleman, G.J. Tsongalis
Chapter 2 - Laboratory Approaches in Molecular Pathology—The Polymerase Chain Reaction, Pages 15-23, W.B. Coleman, G.J. Tsongalis
Chapter 3 - Next-Generation Sequencing in the Clinical Laboratory, Pages 25-33, D.L. Duncan, N.M. Patel
Chapter 4 - Automation of the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, Pages 35-46, S.A. Turner, G.J. Tsongalis
Chapter 5 - Molecular Testing for Human Imunodeficiency Virus, Pages 49-61, M. Memmi, T. Bourlet, B. Pozzetto
Chapter 6 - Molecular Testing in Hepatitis Virus Related Disease, Pages 63-73, P.M. Mulrooney-Cousins, T.I. Michalak
Chapter 7 - Molecular Testing for Human Papillomaviruses, Pages 75-87, K.M. Bennett
Chapter 8 - Molecular Testing for Herpes Viruses, Pages 89-101, S.K. Tan, B.A. Pinsky
Chapter 9 - Molecular Testing for Parvoviruses, Pages 103-113, G. Gallinella
Chapter 10 - Molecular Testing for Polyomaviruses, Pages 115-122, G.W. Procop, B. Yen-Lieberman
Chapter 11 - Molecular Testing for Respiratory Viruses, Pages 123-137, K.A. Stellrecht
Chapter 12 - Molecular Testing for Diseases Associated with Bacterial Infections, Pages 139-150, R. Plongla, M.B. Miller
Chapter 13 - Agents Associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pages 151-162, P. Verhoeven, F. Grattard, S. Gonzalo, M. Memmi, B. Pozzetto
Chapter 14 - Molecular Methods for Healthcare-Acquired Infections, Pages 163-177, R.C. Arcenas
Chapter 15 - Molecular Testing in Emerging Infectious Diseases, Pages 179-200, J. Dong, N. Ismail, D.H. Walker
Chapter 16 - Noninvasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) for Fetal Aneuploidies, Pages 203-211, W.E. Highsmith, M.A. Allyse, K.S. Borowski, M.J. Wick
Chapter 17 - Molecular Testing in Inherited Cardiomyopathies, Pages 213-220, H.M. McLaughlin, B.H. Funke
Chapter 18 - Molecular Diagnostics for Coagulopathies, Pages 221-233, M.B. Smolkin, P.L. Perrotta
Chapter 19 - Molecular Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis, Pages 235-243, Y. Si, D.H. Best
Chapter 20 - Molecular Testing in Hemochromatosis, Pages 245-253, P. Brissot, O. Loréal, A.-M. Jouanolle
Chapter 21 - Molecular Testing in Breast Cancer, Pages 257-269, K.H. Allison
Chapter 22 - Molecular Pathology of Prostate Cancer, Pages 271-286, A.M. Udager, S.C. Smith, S.A. Tomlins
Chapter 23 - Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer, Pages 287-303, C.J. Shiau, M.-S. Tsao
Chapter 24 - Molecular Testing in Colorectal Cancer, Pages 305-320, J.S. Thomas, Chanjuan Shi
Chapter 25 - Molecular Pathology and Testing in Melanocytic Tumors, Pages 321-337, A.A. Hedayat, S. Yan, G.J. Tsongalis
Chapter 26 - Molecular Testing for Glioblastoma, Pages 339-347, D.G. Trembath
Chapter 27 - Molecular Testing in Pancreatic Cancer, Pages 349-359, M.J. Bartel, S. Chakraborty, M. Raimondo
Chapter 28 - Molecular Testing in Gynecologic Cancer, Pages 361-379, S.E. Kerr
Chapter 29 - The Emerging Genetic Landscape in Renal Cell Carcinoma, Pages 381-389, K. Willoughby, H.A. Drabkin
Chapter 30 - Molecular Testing in Thyroid Cancer, Pages 391-399, S.J. Hsiao, Y.E. Nikiforov
Chapter 31 - Molecular Testing in Pediatric Cancers, Pages 401-410, K.R. Crooks, K.W. Rao
Chapter 32 - Molecular Testing in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, Pages 413-418, N.A. Brown, B.L. Betz
Chapter 33 - Molecular Testing in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Pages 419-434, A. Behdad, B.L. Betz
Chapter 34 - Molecular Testing in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Pages 435-447, L.V. Furtado, B.L. Betz
Chapter 35 - Molecular Testing in the Assessment of Bone Marrow Transplant Engraftment, Pages 449-453, J.K. Booker
Chapter 36 - Personalized Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease, Pages 457-471, R.M. Turner, M. Bula, M. Pirmohamed
Chapter 37 - Personalized Medicine for Coagulopathies, Pages 473-483, J. Fareed, O. Iqbal
Chapter 38 - Personalized Medicine for Hepatitis C Virus, Pages 485-501, A. Ferreira-Gonzalez
Chapter 39 - Personalized Medicine in Cancer Treatment, Pages 503-513, V.M. Pratt, S.A. Scott
Chapter 40 - Imaging Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Pathology, Pages 517-529, J.L. Norris, D.B. Gutierrez, R.M. Caprioli
Chapter 41 - Whole Genome Sequencing in the Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Pages 531-540, G.T. Haskell, J.S. Berg
Index, Pages 541-561