Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diagnostic medical parasitology

Designed as a training aid and rapid reference for laboratory staff, this text provides summaries of diagnostic procedures and organism morphology and offers descriptions of the parasites with clear illustrations.
Table of contents : 

Content: Philosophy and approach to diagnostic parasitology --
Intestinal protozoa: amebae --
Intestinal protozoa: flagellates and ciliates --
Intestinal protozoa (coccidia and microsporidia) and algae --
Free-living amebae --
Protozoa from other body sites --
Malaria and babesiosis --
Leishmaniasis --
Trypanosomiasis --
Intestinal nematodes --
Tissue nematodes --
Filarial nematodes --
Intestinal cestodes --
Tissue cestodes : larval forms --
Intestinal trematodes --
Liver and lung trematodes --
Blood trematodes : schistosomes --
Unusual parasitic infections --
Parasitic infections in the compromised host --
Nosocomial and laboratory-acquired infections --
Immunology of parasitic infections --
Antibody and antigen detection in parasitic infections --
Histologic identification of parasites --
Medically important arthropods --
Treatment of parasitic infections --
Collection, preservation, and shipment of fecal specimens --
Macroscopic and microscopic examination of fecal specimens --
Additional techniques for stool examination --
Examination of other specimens from the intestinal tract and the urogenital system --
Sputum, aspirates, and biopsy material --
Procedures for detecting blood parasites --
Parasite recovery: culture methods, animal inoculation, and xenodiagnosis --
Fixation and special preparation of fecal parasite specimens and arthropods --
Artifacts that can be confused with parasitic organisms --
Equipment, supplies, safety, and quality system recommendations for a diagnostic parasitology laboratory : factors influencing future laboratory practice --
Medical parasitology : case histories.
Abstract: Covers the advances in the field of diagnostic medical parasitology. This work provides comprehensive information about human parasitology and relevant diagnostic methods. Read more...