Saturday, January 14, 2017

Clinical Cases in Integrative Dermatology

Clinical cases are a key component in modern medical education, assisting the trainee or recertifying clinician to work through unusual cases using best practice techniques. Integrative Dermatology is an important discipline in this regard since it is a highly visual subject requiring the reader to describe often very subtle differences in the presentation of patients and define accurately the diagnostic and management criteria to base their clinical decision-making on. In 1992 the National Institutes of Health established the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (now also called Integrative Medicine), which has led to increased evidence-based research. The objective of this book is to provide readers with an overview of traditional and complementary treatment options for the most common skin problems encountered in clinical practice.
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xi
A 16 Year Old with Hair Loss....Pages 1-8
33 Year Old Man with Growths on His Fingers....Pages 9-14
53 Year Old Man with Chronic Itching....Pages 15-21
A 58 Year Old with Sun Damaged Skin....Pages 23-32
A 46 Year Old African American Woman with White Spots....Pages 33-43
A 48 Year Old Male Alcoholic with Multiple Plaques....Pages 45-52
A 30 Year Old Woman with a Red Face....Pages 53-61
A 25 Year Old Woman with Excess Sweating....Pages 63-69
A 29 Year Old Man with Patchy Hair Loss....Pages 71-77
An 8 Year Old Child with Recalcitrant Atopic Dermatitis....Pages 79-84
64 Year Old Man Presents to the Office Asking for Evaluation of Lesions on His Ankles....Pages 85-91
A 35-Year-Old Woman Presented to the Office Asking for Evaluation of Lesions on the Back of Her Neck and Lower Legs....Pages 93-98
A 66-Year-Old Man Presented to the Office Asking for Evaluation of a Lesion on His Nose....Pages 99-105
A 22-Year-Old Hispanic Woman Presented to the Office Asking for Evaluation of a Rash on Her Face....Pages 107-114
Back Matter....Pages 115-122