Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Toxicologist's Guide to Clinical Pathology in Animals: Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis

This guide provides an easy-to-use desk reference for diagnostic information on commonly used hematology, clinical chemistry and urinalysis parameters. Additional reference materials are provided as an aid in evaluating clinical pathology data. For many toxicologists, the evaluation of hematology, clinical chemistry and urinalysis data can be the most challenging aspect of animal toxicity studies. In a typical toxicity study, dozens of parameters are measured several times over the course of the study. There may be hundreds of data points, each of which needs to be considered. A Toxicologist’s Guide to Clinical Pathology in Animals will serve as an essential primer for toxicologists in training and in industry as well as for researchers and professionals in a veterinary practice or a laboratory.

Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xvii
The Fundamentals....Pages 1-11
Hematology Highlights....Pages 13-25
Blood and Urine Sampling....Pages 27-33
Species Specifics....Pages 35-42
Hematology Diagnosis....Pages 43-66
Clinical Chemistry....Pages 67-94
Urinalysis Diagnosis....Pages 95-108
Hematology Glossary....Pages 109-143
Clinical Pathology Panels....Pages 145-150
Back Matter....Pages 151-151