Thursday, September 01, 2016

Atlas of Dermatology in Internal Medicine

Atlas of Dermatology in Internal Medicine is the only concise text-atlas to cover the most common and most important cutaneous manifestations of systemic disease in children and adults. It features more than 150 clinical photographs that are accompanied by format-driven, clinically focused text on the diagnosis and management of cutaneous manifestations of connective tissue, pulmonary, renal, GI, endocrine, malignant, infectious, and HIV disease. There is also a separate chapter on skin diseases commonly seen in the ICU. A special feature is its systematic coverage of clinically relevant dermatopathology. The book is a helpful tool for physicians and trainees in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and critical care medicine, as well as family, emergency, and critical care nurse practitioners.
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xiv
Cutaneous Manifestations of Connective Tissue Diseases....Pages 1-16
Cutaneous Manifestations of Pulmonary Disease....Pages 17-30
Cutaneous Manifestations of Renal Disease....Pages 31-40
Cutaneous Manifestations of Gastrointestinal Diseases....Pages 41-51
Cutaneous Manifestations of Common Endocrine Disease....Pages 53-58
Cutaneous Manifestations of Internal Malignancy and Paraneoplastic Syndromes....Pages 59-76
Cutaneous Manifestations of Infectious Diseases....Pages 77-119
Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Disease....Pages 121-127
Cutaneous Disorders in the Intensive Care Unit....Pages 129-142
Back Matter....Pages 143-148

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