Saturday, January 13, 2018

Essentials of Kumar & Clark's clinical medicine 6e 2017 مرجع كلينيكال الباطنة الشهير

مرجع كلينيكال الباطنة الشهير
Essentials of Kumar & Clark's clinical medicine 6e 2017 

في إصداره الأخير 2017

‘Baby Kumar & Clark’, best-selling portable revision reference, is now in its sixth edition.


Normal values
Medical emergencies
Useful websites
Dictionary of terms

New author team: Nicola Zammitt and Alastair O’Brien
Now comes with a free e-book on StudentConsult
Fully updated and revised in line with the new edition of Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine
Table of contents : 
Table of Contents
Ethics and communication
Infectious diseases
Gastroenterology and nutrition
Liver, biliary tract and pancreatic disease
Haematological disease
Malignant disease
Water, electrolytes and acid–base balance
Renal disease
Cardiovascular disease
Respiratory disease
Intensive care medicine
Clinical pharmacology and toxicology
Endocrine disease
Diabetes mellitus and other disorders of metabolism
The special senses