Thursday, October 01, 2015

Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care 2014

Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care: A Patient Case 



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Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about perinatal lung diseases • common neonatal complications • congenital diseases • pediatric pulmonary and upper airway diseases • and neuromuscular disorders. A streamlined presentation helps you easily grasp the background, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, management and treatment, and the course and prognosis of each disease. In every chapter, unfolding case studies with full-color illustrations and photographs enhance your critical-thinking skills, making it easy to connect theory with practice. Plus, multiple-choice review questions help you assess your progress. Explore MORE online at DavisPlus! Access your complete text online with the Davis Digital Version and gain additional practice with Student Questions and Interactive Case Studies. Redeem the Plus Code, inside new, printed texts, to access these DavisPlus Student Resources.

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