Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics

The fourth edition of this popular undergraduate text has been updated and expanded to reflect new research, materials, and techniques in fixed prostho-dontics, with the addition of more than 350 new illustrations and three new chapters on the restoration of implants. It is designed to serve as an introduction to restorative dentistry techniques using fixed partial dentures and cast metal, metal-ceramic, and all-ceramic restorations, providing the background knowledge needed by the novice and serving as a refresher for the practitioner or graduate student. Specific techniques and instruments are discussed, and updated information has been added to cover new cements, new impression materials and equipment, and changes in soft tissue management methods used during impression procedures. New articulators, facebows, and concepts of occlusion have been added, along with precise ways of making removable dies. Different ways of handling edentulous ridges with defects that provide better control over the functional and cosmetic outcome are also presented. Finally, the topics of esthetic and implant restorations, which have become increasingly emphasized in dental practice, are given greater attention.


1. An Introduction to Fixed Prosthodontics

2. Fundamentals of Occlusion

3. Articulators

4. Interocclusal Records

5. Articulation of Casts

6. Treatment Planning for Single-Tooth Restorations

7. Treatment Planning for the Replacement of Missing Teeth

8. Fixed Partial Denture and Implant Configurations

9. Principles of Tooth Preparations

10. Preparations for Full Coverage Crowns

11. Preparations for Partial Coverage Crowns

12. Preparations for Intracoronal Restorations

13. Preparations for Severely Debilitated Teeth

14. Preparations for Periodontally Weakened Teeth

15. Provisional Restorations

16. Fluid Control and Soft Tissue Management

17. Impressions

18. Working Casts and Dies

19. Wax Patterns

20. Investing and Casting

21. Cementation and Bonding

22. Esthetic Considerations

23. All-Ceramic Restorations

24. Metal-Ceramic Restorations

25. Pontics and Edentulous Ridges

26. Solder Joints and Other Connectors

27. Restoration of Osseointegrated Dental Implants

28. Single-Tooth Implant Restoration

29. Multiple-Tooth Implant Restoration
Table of contents : 
Content: An introduction to fixed prosthodontics --
Fundamentals of occlusion --
Articulators --
Interocclusal records --
Articulation of casts --
Treatment planning for single-tooth restorations --
Treatment planning for the replacement of missing teeth --
Fixed partial denture and implant configurations --
Principles of tooth preparations --
Preparations for full coverage crowns --
Preparations for partial coverage crowns --
Preparations for intracoronal restorations --
Preparations for severely debilitated teeth --
Preparations for periodontally weakened teeth --
Provisional restorations --
Fluid control and soft tissue management --
Impressions --
Working casts and dies --
Wax patterns --
Investing and casting --
Cementation and bonding --
Esthetic considerations --
All-ceramic restorations --
Metal-ceramic restorations --
Pontics and edentulous ridges --
Solder joints and other connectors --
Restoration of osseointegrated dental implants --
Single-tooth implant restoration --
Multiple-tooth implant restoration.