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الأحد، 15 يناير 2017

Advanced Glaucoma Surgery

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Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-ix
Advanced Glaucoma Surgery: An Overview....Pages 1-3
Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent for the Treatment of Coexistent Cataract and Mild Open-Angle Glaucomas....Pages 5-13
Trabectome-Mediated Ab Interno Trabeculectomy for Secondary Glaucoma or as a Secondary Procedure....Pages 15-29
Lens Extraction in Angle Closure Glaucoma....Pages 31-39
Gonioscopy Assisted Transluminal Trabeculotomy (GATT) for the Treatment of Adult and Developmental Glaucomas....Pages 41-50
Ab-Interno Subconjunctival Glaucoma Implant for Advanced Open-Angle Glaucomas....Pages 51-55
Nonpenetrating Glaucoma Surgery....Pages 57-72
Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation in the Treatment of Plateau Iris and Angle-Closure Glaucomas....Pages 73-76
Ex-PRESS Miniature Glaucoma Shunt for the Treatment of Uveitic Glaucomas....Pages 77-85
Surgical Management of Normal Tension Glaucoma....Pages 87-97
Glaucoma Drainage Implant Surgery Combined with Pars Plana Vitrectomy and KPro Implantation....Pages 99-106
The Modified Schocket Procedure....Pages 107-112
Ab-interno Bleb Needling....Pages 113-116
Drainage of Choroidal Effusions....Pages 117-124
Surgical Management of Malignant Glaucoma....Pages 125-133
Back Matter....Pages 135-138

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