Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dermatology Simplified: Outlines and Mnemonics

This book is derived from notes taken during a dermatology residency and it represents a comprehensive yet condensed approach to a dermatology curriculum, listing every entity with only the most important and testable facts and mnemonics. There is an intimidating large amount of material for young dermatologists and other doctors with an interest in dermatology to learn, and this guide puts it all into a concise and manageable context. Further, introductions to the dermatology physical exam and dermatopathology, as well short guides describing the basics of medications, basic science, cosmetics, and surgery are included. The goal of this guide is not primarily to help with visual identification of diagnoses, but rather to help young dermatologists learn to create differential diagnoses and learn all the important facts for myriad diseases. Given its unique approach, this guide will serve new residents well in quickly adapting to a new field, and also, it will serve senior residents as quick review of all topics in preparation for in service and board examinations. In general, there are very few dermatology board review books of any kind and therefore this book will immediately have a market among dermatology students, residents, rotators, and faculty.
Table of contents : 
Front Matter....Pages i-xxiii
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
The Starter Kit....Pages 3-19
Front Matter....Pages 21-21
Papulosquamous Diseases....Pages 23-36
Eczematous Diseases....Pages 37-51
Vesiculobullous Diseases....Pages 53-70
Vascular Diseases....Pages 71-105
Dermal Diseases....Pages 107-150
Neoplastic Diseases....Pages 151-225
Acneiform Diseases....Pages 227-236
Alopecia....Pages 237-247
Connective Tissue Diseases....Pages 249-264
Infectious Diseases....Pages 265-324
Pigmentary Disorders....Pages 325-335
Keratotic Diseases....Pages 337-355
Nutritional Diseases....Pages 357-365
Front Matter....Pages 367-367
Lists, Common Differential Diagnoses, and Mnemonics....Pages 369-448
Front Matter....Pages 449-449
Medications....Pages 451-478
Procedures, Cosmetics, and Surgery....Pages 479-511
Basic Science....Pages 513-548
Back Matter....Pages 549-561

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